You are walking down the street when you realiz how hungry you are, so you decide to go to your fav bagel shop. You walk in and choose a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. For some reason the cashier keeps on looking back at the table in the corner of the shop. All you see is some guy with his hat covering his face. Wait, you think, could that be? No, it couldnt be naill from the extremely hot british boy band , one direction? You wave the thought out out of your mind. You grab your sack and head towards the back to sit. This is silly ,you think, and childish, but what if.... You start eating your bagel. You cant help but overhear the conversation the mysterious guy is having on his phone. " no zayne, i can't leave right now, this is my chance!" Woah, did he just frantically whisper the name zayne?! " ok, fine give me one more minute, then ill show you i can do it!!" The mysterious boy ends the call. He takes off his sunglasses and hat to reveal beautiful blone hair and the kind face of naill!!! You are so shocked, you forget that your mouth is still full of food when your jaw drops. " hi, im Niall. Whats your name?" " mhhpppha." " i think maybe you should swallow your food before you say anything else," chuckles naill. Your face turns red and you do what he says. " i-i-im lucy."you stutter. "Thats a beautiful name." " thanks. So... Why are you here, out in public? " you ask with curiosity.

 Tell me what you think of my first imagine ever!!! Part 2 coming soon!!!
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