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Name: olivia grace wintour

Style: preppy | classy | casual | skater (you'll see why later, lol. )

Likes: karate, shopping, starbucks, bows, chanel, 
casual clothes.

Dislikes: people who randomly cause drama, people who like her for only her pedigree, dancing (ballet), photographers.

Bio: olivia grace wintour. her name seems to ring a bell, doesn't it? why yes, of course she's anna's daughter, the one who is in numerous photoshoots and commercials? duh! with almost over a billion dollars in her trust fund, you would think that she's some spoiled girl, spending all her money on shoes and other little luxuries, but actually, she is quite the opposite. 

whenever she can, you will see her wearing jeans and soft tshirts, with sneakers! her mother isn't proud of that side of her, making her take ballet as a trade off for karate, and her uber preppy style in public as a trade off for her 'filthy teenage clothes' in private. because of that, she has become very shielding, with many walls and trap doors for people to knock down until they know the real her. she doesn't like showing her 'true' self to people she doesn't trust, and may be hostile sometimes if she thinks that the person is intruding.

to her, modeling is inevitable, and she considers it almost a chore. she gets things done quickly and professionally to be able to get it out of the way, her modelisque face of innocence and charm making the job easier done than said. 

{ should i add more? }

Model: chloe moretz. might change.

+ Why do you want to be a part of this RP? because elaine is amazinng. 
+ Will you be able to make at least 2 sets a week? depends on which days, i have tons of hw, but on the weekends, count me in!
+Will you be active and comment on others sets?
if the people are also active, and do not reply with two word answers. 'she smiled. ' 
+ Random fact about yourself:
i just made a instagram and followed elaine and a few other friends. haha.
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