Name: Caterina Rose Hastings 
Style: Classic, preppy, casual, trendy, feminine, vintage, edgy. Think Taylor Swift (new preppy style and old feminine vintage style) meets Kate Middleton. 
Likes: Traveling, the city, tea, fashion, current events, art, reading, writing, Lana Del Rey, pearls, loyalty, the truth, architecture, perfection and sushi.
Dislikes: Rich girls who take everything for granted, pretty girls who act like they think they're insecure but are just looking for attention, shallowness, stupidity, failure, dressing terribly (not Caterina, but everyone else), greediness, lies, the media, society, and cookie cutter girls.
Bio: Caterina Rose Hastings had a short childhood. She grew up in the bad part of the city, where gunshots were heard every night and kids smoked and did drugs when they were - well, still kids. Although she had a family, both biological parents, a younger sister, Noelle, and countless relatives nearby, Caterina secretly knew that her mother was constantly disappointed in her from everything about her career to her personality. Her father, after finally giving up smoking, turned to alcohol. Noelle was five years younger than her, and became exactly what Caterina was afraid she'd become - a typical 2010s girl, wanting to grow up too fast. Even though her parents wanted her to become a pharmacist, doctor, or dentist, Caterina's secret dream to become a model was revealed, and her family has been distant ever since. At school, Caterina strived for perfection. It looked like she had it all - blonde hair, mischievous blue eyes, porcelain skin, and the body of a supermodel. She was friends with nearly everyone, got straight A's, and was working towards a career in politics. But everything changed when she grew up... When she realized that friends weren't easy to come by, when she lay awake at night, when the world slowly started to fall apart - the global financial crisis, the environment crumbling, common values becoming values that were not very valuable at all. Caterina's perfect girl act began to falter, and soon enough she slowly died inside. She was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Her grades began to slip to A's and B's, she wore her hair the same way everyday, and her so-called "friends" didn't even bother to keep any friendships alive. Caterina became cold-hearted and uptight. On the verge of suicide, Caterina decided to run away to New York with the money she had secretly been collecting since she was twelve, because she knew she was going to need a lot of money for something important one day - and that day has arrived. But Caterina knew that her parents would never forgive her... but what if they believed she was dead? Caterina faked her own death. She left home leaving everyone behind, believing she had drowned in the river, but her body never being found. Then Caterina changed her name from Alice to Caterina, got a makeover which made her look like an angel, and packed her bags. She began to pursue one of her dreams, modeling and the fashion business, and to get revenge at the world. After all, isn't success the best revenge? She always knew that she was a true alpha. And Caterina Hastings does not, and will never, be a failure. 
Model: Allison Harvard
+ I've always wanted to try roleplaying and I love writing and the whole concept of the roleplay. 
+ Yes and yes. 
+ I'm awkward, sarcastic, and my life goal is to change the world. 

@elaine-elizabethxo & @marie-is-pretty-in-prada
Tell me if I did it right? (:
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Celebs, TV shows, Movies, Fashion

Celebs, TV shows, Movies, Fashion

So mostly this is an ANYTHING group!!!!! I have 4 other groups and they are for TV shows and Taylor Swift (Links bellow if you wanna join!) I want a group where i can have a bunch of different contest and not have to worry about sticking to the theme. SO PLZ JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!!!
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Classy Princesses ♔

Classy Princesses ♔

About the group ;

Classy Princesses is a group for those set makers who have & create classy / princess inspired / high fashion sets, but in a preppy layout. They make sets that mark pure brilliance ; originality ; & effort.
This is not a battle group of any sort. There will be a new contest every two weeks.

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Fall colors

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