Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life.

This is a pretty simple contest, like I said it would be. Submit any sets you have that contain shoes. So that's pretty much any fashion set, and some art sets, too.
I will be judging this contest, so make your entries good! xD
One week, twelve winners, and a three entry limit.
Sorry about the limit, guys, but it makes it so much easier. And this way you have to submit your three best sets.

Here are some examples:

Do Your Own Thing.Do Your Own Thing. by ::ℓuℓu::™ {quantum chaos} featuring Lanvin earrings

ConverseConverse by twilightluv<3{STORY} featuring Converse sneakers

I'm Just Washed Out From All Of This.I'm Just Washed Out From All Of This. by ::ℓuℓu::™ {quantum chaos} on

Who Says I Can't Wear My Converse With My Dress?Who Says I Can't Wear My Converse With My Dress? by ::ℓuℓu::™ {quantum chaos} on

Good luck!

Created by notthelifeiordered. Created in Scream and Shout (ART Contest Up!). 76 sets from 32 members. Ended 7 years ago.