Veronica " Ronnie" Georgia Ross
17, Senior 
Likes: reading,honey,smiling ,riding her bike,adventures,detective stories,pulling faces 
Dislikes: racism,rainy days,coffee,prejudice,lies,deceit,people questioning her heritage 
Ronnie is a bit of an oddball,she doesn't really fit in. She is neither really black or white if you think about it. All Ronnie knows is that her mother was white and her father was black. Her mother dies at childbirth and the father is not really mentioned because he is black. She was bought up as a "white girl" by her Aunt and her grandmother. It sometimes bugs her because she knows there is much more to her and she tries to questioned it often. Ronnie dreams to one day find out the truth about her very existence. But first she has to deal with the pains that come with being an adolescence. Her personality is the one of a curious girl that likes to know a few things or the other. She is kind of suspicious of people and their kindness towards her. She sees it as pity. She knows that she is often talked about especially about where she fits in and she tries hard to pretend not to care. 
Her motto is Can't we all be friends regardless colour ?She is very good friends with popular "white" boy Oscar.He gives her a lift to school every day. 
Recently on their way back home after a school fundraiser he has offered to drive her back home and on that ride home things got a little intimate and they shared a kiss. But Ronnie knows it can not be or can it ?
Relationship to other characters:has shared a kiss with Oscar Morris and is developing feelings for him
Oscar Everett Morris
18, Senior 
Likes: honey,music such as motown,jazz and blues,playing baseball
Oscar is the popular pitcher of Roosevelt .Oscar is kind and fair but tries to hard to please everyone sometimes. He tries to be the perfect son,student and the perfect friend to everyone. He doesn't want to disappoint any one. For years he puts other first before him .But there is one thing he wants more then anything and that is being with Ronnie. But he can't because she is black and he is white. And he is well aware of the people of this town and how people would feel about it. But sometimes it's to hard for him to pretend that he doesn't care about her when he cares so much.
Relationship to other characters: in love with Ronnie but knows their relation will be frowned upon
Model:Francisco Lachowski
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