Changing Seasons

First of all I want to say that this collection doesn`t follow any fashion trends. It`s just my personal taste and choices.
I love this time of year - the end of summer and the very beginning of autumn. Mostly because it`s about time to start thinkink about changing my wardrobe and planning on buying new things. As the days get colder (Hopefully. It`s been terribly and deadly hot for too long now) I often find myself in this struggle of choosing the right clothes because I don`t want to just dive into long sleeves and depressing colours, but `loud` flower printed summer dresses are a no too.
So, this is what I came up with. No `loud` flower printed summer dresses, tropical prints or beach bags. Colors get quiter, fabrics heavier. There are some exceptions, like that cute skirt you`ve been saving for a special occasion, but that`s it. Oh and shorts, of course shorts, because you want to show off your nice tan!
Once again, this is just my personal oppinion. :)

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Wrote one year ago
wow...amazing collection!!! thank you so much for sharing!!!

Wrote two years ago
love this! xx


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