For Aulis to Shangri-La: Myth & Folklore Challenge
1/30 North America (Native American, Eskimo, Inuit)
Apache Tribe
Southern Plains
Changing Woman lived alone without a husband. One day she climbed up on a hill and build a wickiup with four poles. She faced the door to the east so the first rays of the sun would enter the lodge in the morning. As she lay inside, the sun came up and saw her, and she saw him as a young man. "Who are you" she asked. "You see me all the time." He said. "It is I that takes care of all things, whatever there is on Earth. I am the sun's inner form." That day they made a boy child together and Changing Woman called him Nay� nazgh�n� (The Slayer of Monsters). Four days later she was bathing and the young man appeared in the water. They made another child that day, a twin to the first, which she named T�baadeschine (Born of the Water-Old-Man). There are many stories of the adventures of the two boys, as they made the Earth a safer place for future generations.
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