So I pack up my stuff and was ready to go to Linda vista hospital which is one of my favorite places last time nick was so scared that he was well scared and they did it for the second time and kind of got something and now it will be the third time and I was going to be in it so awesome for me because will be my first time doing this so I go on twitter and say “I can’t wait to go on this next lockdown with the lads!” When ever I notice I would think that the female fans would dislike me but to my surprise they love me because I live with Zak and that I’m also a girl so they think I’m cool and for the first time I felt a feeling I never felt before and it was love and it was for zak and hopefully he loves me too. So we took a long plane trip to it and even though it only took maybe 8 to 9 hours to get there. As we settled in the airport and also in our hotel we all met up at the hospital the next day it was Zak who was talking and I was inside the building with nick “In 2009 we had our first lockdown in here and nick got so terrified he almost had a heart attack and we thought we were done with this place but in 2011 we wanted to help these sprites leave but I guess we did not do that so now in 2013 we will investigate this place once more” and I say “but know that we are here we can help these sprits find there way into the light and I will try and help the one that scared so many people but is very kind and gentle at the same time that is why we are here.” By the time we were done we went to get a pizza and of course Aaron made his vlog and he recorded the other side of me, a happy fun side of me and that’s what they should see out of me. We done with our pizza we headed towards our lockdown and once were lockdown into the place it felt weird than before we set up our x cameras and knew were we all going and doing were we split up and stayed together. After all the night was wild and couldn’t believe what we got so it was fun all at the same time but once when we got into this one area all hell broke loose. “Hey Kay do you have a digital recorder with you?” Zak said “Oh no I forgot it let me get from outside of the room.” I said as soon as I turned around there she was. Long brown hair sad looking face blood on her gown and she pointed at me and I jumped back wards and I screamed from it and it disappeared and ran into nicks arms. “What the fish was that!” “What happed are you okay?” Nick said still having me in his arms. “No just saw a figure in front of my face. Holy crap I almost had a heart attack. Please tell me you guys got that on video right?” I said. “No yours nicks Aarons all stopped for a second then they came back on,” Zak said. After that every thing went calm and after that I was scared I was silent. The guys knocked on my door and let them in and they asked me for the closing of the show what happed to me “What did you see?” Zak said, “What I saw was the lady that scared nick.” I said Nick asked me how did she look like and I a made a sketch of her as soon as I got to the hotel “that is what I saw the first time we went here.” I said, “I don’t think I was so scared from something that can’t touch me at all. At the same time I also felt sad from it I really feel bad for her and I hope she finds away to get help.”
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