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Well my first lockdown is today and Christina and me have gone shopping to get cloths for me. Plus a new style so I go purple eyes instead of brown and had my hair done to so when we got into the car they just would not stop looking at me it was really funny. Well we did the first part of it the intro of the episode and Zak wanted all of us to be in it he said, " We are in Denver, Colorado to investigate this abandoned singer/dancing stage and studio. Tonight we will have our new cast member Kyra Rodriguez also as aka miss windy city because she use to sing and every one loved here in Illinois so that is what they called her that, but how we met was a very long story." we all started to laugh at that. I said in a pro voice "anyways this building is were a girl by the name of Alice Jackson was getting ready until she was murdered and there she laid with the makeup in her hands. But be for it turned into a dance studio it was a hospital were hundred thousands of people died. That is way were here today getting the ghost that have pushed, scratch, even possess people. So lets get started with this." I said when we were done the interviews it was our lockdown and I was pumped up for this, but I didn't know what will happen later when we stay all night there.

Part2 of this will be tomorrow see ya
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