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I will be positng double chapters until she gets to the dauntless compound!!!!!!
xoxo jess 

yeah, it's almost exactly the same as the book/movie, but I PROMISE if you bear with me, it will change. I am already on chapter 13, and it's almost COMPLETELY different!

Chapter 3

 I jolt awake in my seat, and this time, I’m almost positive, that I have woken from the simulation. My chest hurts, and I glance at Tori, who is staring at me with a look or terror on her face.
 She rips the electrodes from my head and grabs my arm, pulling me up. My chest heaves.
 “You are going to go home and tell your family the serum made you sick, got that?”
 I’m confused. She’s supposed to tell me my result. Did I not get a result? Am I such a bad person, I will have to be thrown out of the fence?
 “But, what was my result?” I ask.
 Tori doesn’t meet my eye. My heart almost comes to a complete halt.
 “My result?” I ask again, more harshly.
 “Your results were inconclusive,” she half-whispers, and I raise my eyebrows. What does that even mean? What is she talking about?
 “What does that mean? What’s my faction? My result?” I demand, still not sure what ‘inconclusive’ means...do I have to take it over again?
 “Abnegation,” she says flatly. I deflate, until she opens her mouth again. “...and Erudite, and Dauntless.”
 3 factions?
 “That’s not possible,” I whisper.
 “It isn’t impossible, just…extremely rare.”
 Tori sighs and stares at the floor. I stare at her with a blazing look.
“We were supposed to find out what to do today!” I explode. “We were supposed to trust the test!” Tori still doesn’t meet my eye. “The test was supposed to tell us-”
 “The test. Didn’t. Work on you.” Tori looks at me with her sharp, angular eyes. “They call it Divergent.”
 My heart migrates to my throat. “What-” I begin, but Tori cuts me off, her eyebrows arched.
 “You have to hide inside a faction, where they can’t find you. Because they will find you and they will kill you.”
 “Who?” I ask, bewildered, but Tori does not respond to my question.
 “You can’t tell anyone your result,” she said hurriedly. “Trust no one. Go home and say the serum made you sick.”
 I still have no answers. 
 “Good luck,” Tori says, and pushes me out of the door.
 A door slams in my face, separating me from the only person that might have any answers.
 What now? The test was supposed to tell me what to do at the Choosing Ceremony tomorrow; if I stay or if I transfer. Now I have three options, according to my test, and I am not sure of any of them.
 It’s my choice now. 
 Am I selfless? Am I intelligent?
 Am I...brave?
 I don’t think I’m any one of those. Now, my beliefs have changed.
 I’m Divergent.

Chapter 4 (the sexy chapter)

 “I heard there was a problem with your test, Jessica,” my mother says to me. My heart speeds up. I have to lie.
 We are eating at my Abnegation dinner table, and I shrug.
 “It was nothing. The serum just made me sick.”
 I could never be Candor. I am too good of a liar.
 My father and Francis look satisfied with my answers, but my mother raises an eyebrow and continues eating. Abnegation eats plain food, usually a piece of white meat with no seasoning, peas, and a piece of brown bread.
 “Of course,” My father says. “But you must be careful, Jessica, because they are doing everything to discredit us right now.”
 “Discredit you?” I ask. “Who?”
 My mother and father exchange a wary look before my mother answers. “Erudite.”
 My father is a council leader, along with 4 other families, 2 of which we are very close with, Marcus Eaton and the Andrew Prior.
 “They are getting worse than ever,” My father says discouragingly. “They are even bringing up the old argument, about Marcus-”
 My father is cut off by my mother's warning look.
 “What?” I ask quietly.
 My mother sighs and peers at me. “They are accusing Marcus of mistreating his son, blaming that lie for the reason his son defected.”
 I remember Tobias, Marcus Eaton’s only son. He transferred to Dauntless a 2 years ago- something many of the Abnegation remember, because of the shock. Few people born in Abnegation choose to leave it, and when they do, we remember.
 I’ve never met Tobias. It was strange, his interaction with the other children of Abnegation. Not only did he not really talk to anyone, he never attended social events or community gatherings, and never joined his father for dinner at our house. His mother died giving birth to their second child; the infant died minutes later. My father always thought it was strange that Tobias never attended events. It doesn’t matter now.
 “Well, your father and I will clean up. You both have a big day tomorrow; better get some sleep,” my mother says kindly.
 I feel a pang of guilt for wanting to leave them.
 “Of course; thank you,” Francis answers for me. I slowly trudge up my stairs to my lonely bedroom, feeling obligated to look in my mirror shard once more. Before I depart to my room, Francis lays a hand on my shoulder.
 “Jessica,” Francis tells me, looking sternly into my eyes. “When we choose...we have to think of the family.”
 Tears well into my eyes. Of course Francis will be the one to guilt me into staying; she always has guilted me into selflessness.
 “Yeah, I know,” I submit.
 “But…” She says bluntly. “We must also think of ourselves.”
 I have never seen or heard Francis think of herself before someone else, especially our own family, because she has always insisted on being selfless and serving our family. What does this mean?
 “The tests don’t have to change our choices,” I say, because it is what I am supposed to say. It is a lesson taught in all the factions; Francis is acutely aware of the fact that the aptitude results are our best option, and that we must learn to trust the test, even though we are free to choose.
 She gives me a small smile. “Don’t they, though?”
 She departs to her room, leaving me speechless.
 I have 3 options. Erudite- no, I cannot choose Erudite. All my life I have been told to dislike Erudite, my father being opposed to their hunger for power. He always said: “They value knowledge above all else. It results in a lust for power, that leads men into dark and empty places. We should be thankful that we know better.”
 I cannot choose Erudite. I am my father’s daughter. 
 It will take a great act of selflessness to choose Abnegation, or a great act of courage to choose Dauntless. 
 I have a war in my mind. Tomorrow, only one can win.

if you read the whole thing, comment I AM DIVERGENT AND I CANNOT BE CONTROLLED

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