Brandon's P.o.v.
Their was an awkward tense at the table, It was like he was hiding something from. We check our clocks ever few minutes and then the rest of the time we stared at our hands. 
Adam looked like the bad boy type and his face showed emotions. 
"So how long have have you knew Piper?" I said quickly breaking the awkwardness.
"About a year or two. Al- Kourtney induced her into the group after they met through cheer leading." 
"Kourtney a cheer leader?"
Adam looked stunned like he was surprised I didn't know. That's when the door opened and in came Piper and Kourtney.
Piper was in a short green dress that matched her eyes. Kourtney had a short black dress on with a sliver belt tied around her waist. Her hair was curled and she looked beautiful.
Adam stood giving Piper a hug taking her feet off the ground.
Then stood there and watch Kourtney. He grabbed her hand a kissed it and bowed . I found it funny ,but Piper looked as if they do that all the time. She throe her hand away as if she was mad. 
"Piper , What was that?" I asked worried.
"Nothing its their thing she was homecoming queen at our old school and he was king."
I stared shocked as she gave him a big hug as he whispered in something in her ear.
"D*nm legs I've missed you" Adam said passing her off to me. 
"Legs?" I asked looking at her with big eyes.
" That was my nickname at my old school."
"She had a lot of nicknames." Piper smiled at me has they were going to kill me. 
" So how's Eric?" Kourtney said putting her hand on mine. 
"He's better, well I haven't seen him in a while. He hasn't been allowed visitors yet."
Kourtney looked kinda sad, like she was about to cry.
"Who's Eric?" I said everyone gave me the death stare.
"How much does he not know ? Ally I told you can't keep doing this Sh*t , every time you see your name in the newspapers." 
"Ally? Who the h*ll is Ally?" Kourtney took my hand and pulled me to the door. 
"Walk with me?" She said with a looked I couldn't read.

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