Candace Stood shaking in her flip flops and sun dress. She flipped her straight brown hair over her tan shoulder and titled her head against the glass waving to Justin's departing plane now flying into the sky. She waved, despite the pain her heart was in. 
She grabbed Justin's Range Rover keys out of her purse and walked with her head down to his car in the parking garage. She sat with her hands on the steering wheel and the keys in her lap, and rested her head along top her hands and cried. She couldn't drive if the tears were restricting her view. Her phone notified her of a text that read; 
From: Justy
To: Candace 
Hey babe, we can't have our cell phones on so I'll text you from my ipod<3 I miss you already. Cheer up shawty, I'm always here for you.
She cried even harder, she sobbed so hard her throat was getting sore. She texted his Ipod and said;
To: Justy
Justy, I can't do it. I /really/ miss you. I'm still in the parking lot and haven't even started the car. 
She always made her signatures to match his songs. It bugged Justin that she did it, which is why she would always go through with changing it. 
To: Candace
Candace, Please do not be sad. I'm flying you out in a week in a half if I can't get this deal. You //will// not lose me. There are a lot of pretty girls on this plane, but I keep picturing your beautiful face in my mind and I'm clenching tears back too. You're the only place in my heart, and it's a special place. 
She shook violently with her phone in her hand. She leaned over to the glove box fumbling around for a pack of tissues or napkins or whatever he had to keep in his car. It took her a while to make it clear what she was texting back but he had to land and turn everything off. Justin promised to call her that night. 
Clink, clink, clink. The window was being tapped on. Candace snapped her head to find a handsome dark haired, green eyed, tall guy knocking on her window. She rolled the window down half way and asked him if he needed something. 
"Uhm, no miss. You're just, crying and I wanted to make sure you were alright. Considering this is an airport, I'm assuming somebody you care about just took off?" Candace looked at the clock. She'd been sitting in the car for two hours, crying. The random guy scratched the back of his neck. 
"Yeah.." Candace wasn't giving much effort into the conversation. "Well, I can sit and listen if you want to talk about it, if you want to of course." He offered.
"Um, no that won't be necessary." He walked off after nodding and giving a half smile and Candace felt horrible. She swung open her car door and yelled out to him. "WAIT!" His head snapped back around. "Please come back? I'd actually like talking about it. He paced back to the car and hopped in the passenger seat. 
Two hours worth of stories leading up to this very moment and situation she was being held in was shared. She waited for him to say something, anything but is lips seemed to be sealed. They searched each others eyes and he started to close his and lean forward for a kiss...

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