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Chapter 1 
I sat on the couch, watching Dylan play with her stuffed dog, as I called Krissy.
“Hey Brittany,” she answered. 
 It still felt odd hearing her voice, as well as awkwardness from our separation from each other for quite some time. 
 “Hey, so I broke up with Luke a couple of days ago.” 
“And?” Her voice raised with excitement to knowing some gossip. 
“Well he didn’t deny it.” 
“Ughhh! What a douche.” 
 I watched Dylan chew on her dog’s ear. “I guess my mom was right about him- once a cheater, always a cheater.” 
 “That’s so true,” Krissy agreed. 
 I slouched down to a laying position on the couch. “So….. Are you dating anyone?” 
“Umm not really. I’ve been on some dates with a few different guys, but nothing serious,” 
she replied. “How about you?” 
 I ran my hands though my hair, smoothing it out. “Ummm well…,” I bit my lip. “I kind of like my English teacher.” 
“WHAT!?” Krissy exclaimed! “Tell me everything.” 
I giggled. “I dunno, yesterday I went to his room to hand in my late essay and then he placed his hand on top of mine and said if I ever wanted to talk, I could call or email him. And ever since then I can’t stop thinking about him. And you should’ve been there. We locked eyes for a few seconds and it sent butterflies thoughtout my whole body.” 
 “OMG,” Krissy shrieked! “You HAVE to go out with him!” 
“I thought about it, but he could get introuble for dating a student.” 
“PSHH! So What! And he can’t be that much older than you,” Krissy mentioned. 
“I guess you’re right. So what do I say?”
“Just be like, ‘do you want to meet up for coffee’, that way it doesn’t officially sound like a date, more of just to chat,” Krissy advised. 
 I quickly got up from the couch to snatch the battery Dylan put in her mouth. She wailed when I took it away from her. I picked Dylan up and rested her on my lap to calm her down. 
“Yeah, I guess that’ll work,” I replied. 
“So is he hot?” 
“SOOO hot! He has an amazing body and gorgeous blue eyes.” 
“Yum,” Krissy responded! 
 I exhaled loudly. “But what if I’m misinterpreting the situation. What if he wasn’t flirting with me?” 
 “Don’t second guess yourself. If you felt something between the two of you, then go with your gut.” 
“You’re right! Thanks Krissy!” 
“No problem,” she responded. “Listen, I gotta go, but call me later and tell me what happens.” 
“We’ll do,” I added. 
 I clicked the “end” button once Krissy hung up. 
I placed my laptop on my lap as I relaxed on the couch with Dylan. I opened up my email and composed a new message. 
Dylan pressed down on some keys. “No baby, that’s mommy’s.” 
She attempted to type some more, but I handed her the stuffed dog to distract her. 
 I then typed a message to Mr. Sheppard. 
 Hey, would you want to get some coffee sometime? 
 -Brittany Lancaster
I hesitated whether or not to send the message: my braid was telling me no, but my heart was telling me otherwise. My hand hovered over the mouse as I closed my eyes and just bit the bullet. I opened my eyes and the screen said “message sent”. 
 My heart was pounding as I waited for an instant reply, but nothing came. I continued to recheck my inbox every 5 minutes, anxious for a response, but I was disappointed eachtime. 
 A half an hour later, I finally received a response. My heart beated fast as I clicked the message. 
It read: 
Sure, how’s three o’clock today?
I smiled with excitement and joy. 
I responded: sounds good. Is Caribu Coffee okay? 
 I clicked the send button quickly, anxious for him to reply instantly, and surprisingly he did. 
His message said: 
 I thought about replying, but I decided to just leave it at that. 

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