Jacky Vincent smiled as he watched his girlfriend, Jasmine, pack her suitcase from his spot on their bed. They had been dating for almost a year and he finally had a chance to take her to his hometown in the UK. Jacky had planned on taking Jasmine before but he ether had to tour with his band or she had work. But this time, he finally got to take her home for Thanksgiving.

"Jacky? What if your parents don`t like me?" Jasmine asked softly in her already soft spoken tone. She loved Jacky will all her heart and she knew she couldn`t bare it if his parents didn`t like her.

"Love, we`ve been over this. They`ll love you. Hell, they already do and they`ve only seen a picture of you," Jacky said, recalling the day he sent a picture of his girlfriend to his parents. She was in the kitchen, baking with flour on her face and on the apron she was wearing. It was one of his favorite pictures of her.

"I know, I know. I just...I love you, Jacky. And I don`t want to end up losing you because your parents don`t like me."

Jacky nodded at her words and got off the bed. He went up to her and wrapped his arms around her. He understood her fears, he had the same fears when he met her parents. But he knew his parents would love his girlfriend simply because he loved her.

In an effort to take her mind off his parents, Jacky gently pushed her down onto the bed and climbed on top of her, being careful to not put his weight on her. He grinned down at Jasmine and started placing kisses along her neck, causing soft moans to escape her lips. Jacky`s plan was definitely working.

Jasmine`s moans only got louder as Jacky started sucking on a pulse point in her neck, knowing it was a turn on of hers. As quickly as the sucking started it stopped and he ran his tongue over the spot then lifted his head and grinned at her.

"Tease," Jasmine mumbled, throwing her arms over her face in an attempt to hide the blush rising on her cheeks.

Jacky chuckled and shrugged, murmuring, "I figured we could save it for my childhood bedroom."
Jasmine uncovered her face and looked at him in shock and horror. There was no way she was going to have sex with her boyfriend with his parents in the same house.

"How about we finish packing then watch a movie and cuddle?" Jacky asked with a laugh, trying to keep her mind off everything and calm her down.

Jasmine nodded with a slight smile. Her boyfriend always knew just how to calm her down and make her happy in the simplest of ways. All he had to do was hug her, hold her, maybe watch a movie or even hold her hand and she was calmed down.

After finishing packing the couple went into the living room of their home and Jasmine climbed onto the couch as Jacky put a movie in the DVD player. Minutes later he joined her on the couch and pulled her into his lap, holding her close.

Jasmine couldn`t help but giggle when she saw that Jacky had put in one of her favorite movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas. The movie was actually inspiration for one of Jacky`s sleeve tattoos and Jasmine`s nickname for Jacky: Jacky Skellington. She had loved the play on words and it had made her boyfriend blush when she called him by the nickname for the first time.

When the movie was over the two left for the airport and boarded their flight to England. Though the long plane ride wasn`t something ether of them was looking forward to, they knew it would be worth it in the end. Jacky got to see his family again and Jasmine finally got to meet them.
This is really short, but its only the first chapter. This story will probably be three or four chapters. It just depends on where my mind goes while I`m writing. 

@little-miss-rocker-chick I thought you might like this.
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