After a long and annoying plane ride and an even more annoying time getting luggage, Jacky was being pulled into his mother arms in a warm hug. Next his father was hugging him as Jasmine watched with a smile on her face, but her nerves were going crazy. It was clear that his parents loved him dearly, but would they accept the woman that loved him with all her heart?

"Mom, Dad. This is my girlfriend, Jasmine," Jacky said as he pulled his girlfriend over his parents.

"Its so nice to meet you," Jacky`s mom, Ally said as she pulled Jasmine into a hug.

"Its nice to meet you too. Both of you," Jasmine said as she shook hands with her boyfriends father, James.

"Now, how about we get these bags into the car and head to the house?" Ally asked, a big smile on her face. It was obvious that she was happy to have her son back home. Even if it was just for the holiday.

They all got into the car after Jacky and his father grabbed the bags and put them in the trunk. Then they began the fifteen minute journey home.

"So, Jasmine, how long have you and my little boy been together?"

"Mom," Jacky grumbled, blushing a bit.

Jasmine giggled and kissed his cheek before turning to his mother,"Almost a year."

The older woman nodded and turned back around in the front seat, next to her husband. Jasmine smiled and curled up to her boyfriend in the backseat of the car. She was thankful that her boyfriends parents seemed to have accepted her, but she couldn`t help but still be a bit nervous.

"Relax, Love," Jacky whispered into his girlfriends ear as he pressed his face into her neck, placing soft kisses there as a way to calm her down. But it only made her blush a deep red.

A deep chuckle and a soft giggle from the front seat brought the young couple out of their own little world and made them look to the front of the car. They found the young man`s parents looking at them: James looking at them through the mirror and Ally looking at them from her spot turned around in the passenger seat.

"They`re just like we were when we were a young couple, aren`t they?"

"They certainly are," The older man said, agreeing completely with his wife.

Jasmine and Jacky blushed deeper at their words, clearly embarrassed by the attention from the older couple.

Ten minutes later the car was pulling up the driveway of a small cottage like home. A lovely dark brown, brick home and black roof with some dark green vines going up the sides off the house and onto parts of the roof. Under the dark blue shutters were beautiful red and pink climbing roses. And the front door was a beautiful gray blue. The roses and shutters gave the home a bright and femmine feel.

The four got out of the car once it was parked. The two men grabbed the bags from the trunk and started walking to the house while the two women slowly walked after them, the older of the two wanting to talk.

"You know, Jacky originally painted those blue shutters when he was ten. At first, his father and I weren`t very fond of the color. But after about a month or so we grew used to it. Over the years the paint started to chip and we painted them the exact same color without a second thought because Jacky had wanted them blue. And those red roses were his idea as well.

We planted them when he was about fifteen. I had wanted pink roses, but Jacky said he thought a lady looked beautiful in red. At the time, his father thought it was funny because when he said that, I was wearing a red dress."

Jasmine giggled softly at her words and nodded, "That`s very sweet though."

"It really was."

"Come on girl`s! We need to finish making dinner," James called from the doorway of the house.

The two women laughed and walked a bit faster, going into the house. Jacky walked over to his girlfriend the moment she walked through the door, taking her hand and walking her up stairs, ignoring the giggling from his mother as she watched them walk up the stairs.

Jacky lead Jasmine down a hallway with intricate dark green wallpaper. There were pictures littering the walls, most of the pictures of Jacky. These made his girlfriend want to stop and look at the pictures, but she could tell he was in a hurry to get somewhere.

He lead her to the end of the hall, opening a door to the room on the right. Jacky lead her into the room and shut the door. As Jasmine looked around the room she realized the room belonged to her boyfriend when he lived in the house. There were various posters on the walls as well as music sheets lining the walls. Peaking out from all the posters and sheet music was the beautiful dark almost black blue color of the walls.

There was a small window on the back wall of the right side of the room with black drapes over it. Under the window was a small dark grey nightstand with a dark blue lamp sitting on it. Beside the nightstand was a bed. The sheets were black and the blankets were a deep dark blue, as well as the two pillows. Across the room on the right was a small light brown desk with a black chair in front of it. On the left wall, by the door was a big black dresser.

"This is amazing Jacky," Jasmine murmured, looking around the room.

Her boyfriend blushed a soft pink and shrugged a little. "Do you really like it?"

"Of course."

"Would you be willing to stay in here, with me?"

"Like you really have to ask. I would love to stay here with you, my Jacky Skellington," Jasmine said with a soft giggle.

Jacky grinned and blushed a soft red. He was honestly a bit worried she wouldn`t like his childhood room. Let alone sleep in it. But Jasmine really did love the room. It showed who Jacky was growing up and she loved that she got to see that.
This chapter is longer than the last and I`m happy about this. Also, I have no idea what Jacky`s parents names are. I just used the first names that came to mind. I`m thinking about making this story longer than three chapters but I`m not sure. Let me know if you think it should be longer. Thank you! 

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