Chapter 3.
Walking into a crowd of bvb fans is ricdiculous.
It’s SOO packed
So many guards…I wouldn’t know why
Omg I think I just saw Ashley walking into the bus
He is sooo mmm lol
“Lyric?” reign snapping her fingers in front of me
“Yeah sorry I was day dreaming” I say
Sarah giggles “about Ashley again” she says 
I giggle “maybe” I say
We go into the concert 
And they came out and sang
Which was amazing
After the concert they had a signing 
We went and I wanted to have Ashley sign my shirt and a picture of him.
The line was SOOOOOOOO long 
But its worth waiting
I bet we waited for an hour
Reign was fangirling because we were close to Andy.
She was asking if she was looking okay and she was being girlier than me.
That’s hard to believe since im like really girl I mean my favorite color is pink and I love high heels and stuff lol
When we finally got to the front andy greeted us
“Hey girls did u like the show?” he asks
All of us nod except Reign cuz she was like stunned 
He looked at her and smiled
She blushes and smiled wide
“If u hug her she will faint” I say 
Andy Chuckles and hugs her 
She eeps and hugs back 
Ashley looks over at me.
“hey” he says and smiles
“hey “ he says “whats ur name?” he adds
I smile “Lyric” I say 
“Nice I like it” he says
“Thanks can u sign my shirt and picture?” I ask
He nods “sure thing hun” 
I blush a little and walk over to him
And he signs right over my bob and I blush more since he looked up at me and winked.
He chuckles “U girls should come hang with us” he says while signing my picture.
Andy cc jake and jinxx nod.
Reign smiles 
Sarah smiles too
Madison and Ava are star struck pretty much
Madison is starring at Jake and Ava is starring at CC
Andy looks behind us and notices that we are last 
“well we can go now” he says
“Yay” Ashley says and takes my hand and drags me to the bus
The girls giggle and the guys chuckle and they all follow us.
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