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Chapter 10
This was completely hopeless I thought to myself as I looked through my closet for the third time. I had taken a shower and was trying to get ready but I was stuck. I now understood what women meant by “having nothing to wear”
“Hopeless!” I screamed throwing another dress at the door as it was opening.
I heard the fabric swish against something muffled by a little squeal as Nicole came in our room. Her face was healed now but every time I saw her I thought of Todd’s abuse. It angered me and I had not forgotten about my revenge.
I sighed looking at her helplessly. “I have a date at seven and it is six already. I have a closet filled with expensive clothing but now I see nothing acceptable”
Nicole’s eyes lit up. “Jake asked you out?” She squealed giving me a hug excitedly.
Hugs to me still were a rather new sensation. I was used for years of solitude and now I was surrounded by people that seemed quite fond of me. I hugged her back awkwardly still but letting myself smile resting my chin on her shoulder.
She skipped over to her closet and became pulling out different clothing. The items she chose still made me a little uncomfortable, however I was not in my lifetime anymore was I? After minutes of debating herself she pulled out a little sleeveless black dress with sequins on it. It reminded me of little stars I had watched from my youth. Nicole then gathered accessories shoes, even undergarments then after evaluating her choice once more she handed it all to me.
“Don’t say anything just change” She said smiling at me.
I quickly went to the bathroom and changed into the dress. I left without looking in the mirror. I never glanced at my reflection. I found it to be pointless after so long. I had looked the same since the fifteen hundreds except for minor adjustments. After looking at oneself for song long the subject loses its beauty.
“Oh my you are so pretty Isse” exclaimed Nicole clapping when I walked back inside the room. “Here let me curl your hair and do your makeup”
“Am I supposed to be this nervous?” I asked her as she curled my hair while humming a song to herself.
“It’s your real first date Isse of course. When I first went out with Todd I was terrified “She said smiling as if remembering it completely
“Is he nicer? “I asked as my tone hardened at the thought of him.
She nodded “He is a good guy; he just has a temper Isse”
She smiled then took my hand standing me up so I was face to face with my reflection. I looked at myself and felt my own breath catch. Nicole had made my golden blonde hair curl so beautifully fitting around my heart shaped face so perfectly. The makeup looked natural but made my pale skin glow. The shade of pink lipstick and color of eye shadow made me smile. I looked pretty, maybe not to Nicole’s beauty but I was pretty.
I was about to thank her maybe even hug her when we heard a knock at the door. She jumped to get it. As the door opened I saw Jake Fisher standing there smiling but like me looking nervous. 
I walked to the door and Nicole smirked at us. “Hello Jake” I said softly 
“Your beautiful” He said looking deep in my eyes making me believe he meant it.”Um...here” He said holding out a bag of gummy bears
I laughed and to my surprise hugged him.” They are becoming my favorite food” I said as I pulled away from him.
“I’m glad, because dating a girl that hated the food of the gods would not do” He said leading me to his car.
I bit my lip not saying anything but smirked as he opened the door. I smiled getting in and buckled my seat as he paused to look at me once more before shutting the door and getting in himself. 
The ride to the restaurant was silent other than the radio as we both sang along to the same songs. Modern music was starting to grow on me especially the acoustic kind that Jake played.
 While we got to the restaurant I began to relax. Being here like this might have been hard for me if it had not been with Jake. We ate our meals talking the whole time. As dessert came I smiled at him.
“You have the most beautiful smile Soldey” Jake said looking in my eyes.
I felt my cheeks flush and found myself looking away
“You’re not used to compliments are you?” I asked gently taking my hand in his.
“No, my parents didn’t believe in them. It did not serve a purpose. I was pretty enough and that was all they cared about” I said honestly.
“They died when you were younger right? I read on your book jacket” He said blushing as I just nodded 
“They should have told you how beautiful and talented their daughter was. They were lucky to have you even if they never realized it” He said softly 
I smiled feeling happiness I had read about and seen with others. After paying the check He walked with his arm around me to the car. This time however I did not pull away from the contact. He helped me in the car and again looked at me before shutting the door. This time I countered his stare and matched it. 
“Rain!” Jake sighed laughing as he pulled into the parking lot.
“What is wrong with rain Jakey?” I asked using the nickname I had given him at the club
“It’s wet and we are both going to get soaked. Maybe we should wait until it stops” He said looking at the sky through the windshield.
I smiled and opened the door then running to his side and quickly opening his and pulling him into the now steady rain with me.
“Why? “He asked laughing as he wrapped his arms around me.
I pulled away and twirled in the rain like I had done at court when I was a child. “Its rain. I love rain “I said happily making Jake dance with me.
I felt at ease with him. He was beautiful and in those moments dancing with Jake I forgot about my insecurities. I forgot about the consequences, even reasoning. 
He stopped dancing and waited until I stopped laughing before leaning in and gently pressing his damp face to mine his lips barely touching mine and yet as they did I felt feelings I never thought I would experience. 
I felt what utter bliss must feel like 

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