Chapters 1-12 

Chapter 13 
The two weeks before I started college flew by. I worked for what seemed like forever and Luke and I barely saw each other. We both were busy preparing for college. He moved into his dormitory, an hour away from my apartment. I guess it was good that we went on vacation together; it gave us some time to spend together without worrying about adulthood. 

Monday morning I walked into my first class, English, not knowing what to think. It was my first class ever as a freshman in college. I didn’t know anybody, so I sat towards the back of the classroom. I took my laptop out of my briefcase, ready to take any necessary notes. 
 The teacher introduced himself as Mr. Sheppard. He had ice blue eyes and sexy brown hair. 
“This semester we will be reading The Odyssey.” 
 I rolled my eyes, and thought “great, another boring book.” 
Mr. Sheppard passed out a handout and added, “And as we finish the novel, you will all submit an essay and a speech on how our world relates to this novel; you will be asked to include recent events.” 
 I skimmed the rubric, 100 points for the speech and essay! Oh joy, can’t wait……not!!! 

I packed up my belongings once the professor dismissed us. I had nothing to do until my math class in the afternoon, so I texted Luke. 
Text to Luke: Hey babe want 2 meet up 4 breakfast sum where? 
Text from Luke: cant, have class in 10 min 
Text to Luke: okay =( txt me whn u can
Text from Luke: ill try.

I walked towards my car and thought to myself “I really haven’t seen Kyle lately, maybe he’s free.” 
Text to Kyle: Hey r u free?
Text from Kyle: umm yeah until noon…. Y? 
Text to Kyle: do u want 2 meet up 4 breakfast @ dunkin donuts right now?
Text from Kyle: sure ill see u in like 15 min 
Text to Kyle: k

I ordered an orange juice and a powder donut, where as Kyle ordered a coffee and a devil’s food donut. We sat at a small table in the corner that sat two. 
“So how have you been,” I asked Kyle?
 Kyle bobbed his head. “Pretty good. Lately I’ve been busy with homework.” 
I picked apart a piece of donut and plopped it in my mouth. “Yeah I know what you mean. I just had my first class today.” 
“Yeah? How was it?” 
 “Overwhelming.” I giggled. 
“How come,” he asked while taking a bit of his chocolate donut?
“I dunno, it’s just a different environment, ya know.” 
 Kyle nodded his head. “Yeah,” he responded. 
I took a taste of the sweet, orange juice. “Yeah. So how’s things with Reese?” 
 Kyle stared down at the table for a few seconds, then smiled and glanced at me. “She’s an awesome girl and I love her.” He fiddled with his hair and took a deep breath. “I’m actually going to ask her to marry me this weekend.” 
 I covered my mouth with the palm of my hand in awe. “Are you serious?” 
Kyle nodded his head. 
“That’s awesome,” I exclaimed! “So how are you going to ask her?”
“It’s a surprise,” he responded.
I made a pouty face. “Please…?” 
Kyle shook his head no.
“Fine be that way,” I pouted. “So how’d you know she’s the one?” 
“Ummmm…. I dunno I guess because she everything that I’ve ever wanted and she just makes my life complete.” 
I smiled. “Don’t you think it’s a little soon, I mean you’ve only dated for a year or so?”
Luke shrugged his shoulders. “No, not really. I feel like I know her pretty well, and it just feels right.”
I patted Luke on his shoulder. “Well I’m happy for you.” 
“Thanks. So how are things with Luke?” 
“I’d say pretty good. We went to Disney together for a few days 2 weeks ago. But I haven’t seen him ever since then.”
“That must be hard having him live an hour away.” 
“Right now it is, but we’ll make it work,” I responded. 

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