Hah tom riddle... gotta love him lol 

Sam makes a new friend. 

Chapter 19 

I was the last person in the common room like usual. I took this time to skim over the book that Hermione had left out about cracking codes. I took a look at the notes and the book. It didn't have anything in it that would help. I closed it with a soft thump and retired to my bed. There had to be something to the notes. It couldn't be just numbers and letters could it? I laid in my bed and heard the familar snores and breathing from all around me. They were kind of like a lullaby that sent me into sleep that night. 
Thank goodness it was another good night's sleep without one single glimpse of the room. I knew I couldn't get use to it, knowing there would be another note sooner or later. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready. Hermione could tell I was in a good mood. 
"Why are you in such a good mood this morning?" She asked after I got dressed. 
"Another good nights sleep I guess, it's nice sleeping through the night with nothing happening," I replied happily and kind of skipping down the stairs. Harry saw me and smiled. 
"Someones in a good mood." He said and hugged me. 
"Yes I am." 
We all walked to the Great Hall together. Hermione and Ron arm in arm and Harry and I with his arm around my waist. I could see people whispering to each other, probably about how I moved on to quickly. The truth was I moved on earlier then I had. Most of the time I was with Draco I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. As much as I hated to admit it to myself I was only stayed with Draco as long as I did because I didn't want to hurt him. I couldn't really be myself around him. Harry was a different story. He knows what it's like being in the spotlight, or having things written about you. I moved my attention from Draco back to Harry, Hermione and Ron. 
The day went by quicker then usual. Snape acutally gave me some good marks on the work I handed in, I even think I heard him mutter, nice job. We didn't have much homewoek which was sweet relief. The was going pretty well, until I got a letter at dinner. 

Dear Sam, 
 Jamie is in the hospital. They don't know whats wrong with him yet, but they 
are running tests and trying there best to figure it out. They said it could be serious. 
I contacted the Headmaster and he gives you permisson to return home this weekend. 
I"m sorry you had to hear this over a letter. I miss you sweetie, can't wait to see you home. 

Your father. 

I cutched the letter in my hand and fought back the tears. Hermione was the first one to notice that I looked off. 
"Sam, what's wrong?" She asked looking really concerned. 
"I.. uh.. I'm going to up, I'll see you guys later," 
I hoped out of my seat and out of sight before anyone could say another word. I reached the Fat Lady and realized I had forgotten the password. 
"Darnit... I know..." I mumbled to myself. 
"It's Seared Lemondrops." 
I turned to see Neville coming from behind me. 
"Thanks Neville, I knew it had something to do with lemon..." 
"Are you okay Sam?" He asked standing in front of me. 
I wiped my cheek realizing I had let a tear fall from my eyes. 
"Oh, just someone from my old school... a friend... is sick. Well they don't know what's wrong with him." 
"I understand, it stinks having someone in the hospital." He replied, and I remembered about his parents. 
"Thanks again for the password Neville, I owe you one." I stepped inside"Actually do you want to talk for a little?" 
He face lite up and he came with me. I had never really took the time to get to know Neville. 
We sat down on the couch and started talking. 

-It's funny I'm usually the one who doesn't know the password. -
-Yeah, I'm usually good with that- 
-Dark Arts stinks... Snape stinks- 
-I don't really enjoy that place much- 
-My first year here was quite interesting actually- 
-You have a frog? Really?- 

We talked about anything and everything. We stopped once people started coming back from dinner. 
"It was nice talking to you Neville." I said once I saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron come in.
"You too Sam," he said and I got up and walked away,"You too."
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