The next morning at the breakfast table Isabel was eating cereal before school. Her dad came downstairs. 
"Bells, I'm going back to Ohio for a few days." he said stepping into the kitchen.

"Oh Okay. Tell everyone I said hi." Isabel gave a small smile finishing up her toast.

"Would you like to come? We could be back by Sunday Night ready for school the next day."

Isabel knew she should have said "Yes I would love to go. Get away from this small town. Vampires. Damon." 
But instead the words came out. "I've got homework due on Friday, but thanks for asking."

Daniel nodded. "Okay. Behave while I'm gone. Are you sure you can stay here alone by yourself? Maybe you should have one of the girls come over for a bit. Or stay at someone's house." 
He was still a father and he worried about his only daughter.

"Okay Dad, I'll look into that." Isabel said putting her plate into the dishwasher and pushing the lid up till she heard it click.


The School day had gone rather nicely. English first where we learnt about Shakespeare and the teacher tried to talk to us in Shakespearian and see if we could understand her, just for something better than reading the book. It didn't go so well. Some of the guys in the back of the class thought it was stupid the way they talked.

Class ended and Isabel was leaning against the locker next to where Elena was busy putting her books back.

"So Did you get your kiss?" Isabel asked leaning against the locker next to Elena's.

Elena gave away a smile that spilled "Yes." 
"It was a nice normal night out with Stefan." she said looking over at Isabel. "How was the rest of your night?"

"Peaceful." Isabel replied, she wasn't about to tell Elena, Damon came to see her.

"Really? Good." Elena gave another smile, though it had hints that she was relieved Damon, or everything else happened to her since she didn't take the ride offered. "How was the walk home then?"

"Great, till I met up with Mason and he offered me one home."

"Tyler's Uncle? That was nice of him." Elena didn't know much about him.

"And what are you two girls talking about?" Stefan asked coming up to them and giving Elena a kiss hello.

"Just about your night out with Elena." Isabel gave a teasing smile to Stefan before laughing a bit.

Stefan looked down a Elena, He knew it was a girl thing to talk about that sort of thing and he didn't have a problem with it.

Isabel felt something fall from her neck and her hand went to catch it looking down what was in her hand and a disappointing gasp came from her pale pink lips. "Oh No, My Grandmothers necklace."

"I know someone that could get that fixed for you." Stefan said, he's been around long enough to know a lot of people.

Isabel looked up at Stefan, her right hand holding the necklace. 
"Thanks Stefan" Isabel gave a sweet thankful smile handing it over to him. Stefan put it into his jeans pocket. It was the only place he had.
 "I'll make sure it's carefully looked after." He finished with a smile.

Elena's face changed as she a man sauntering down the halls of Mystic Falls High.

"What do you want?" She asked her face a full mixture of disgust, annoyance.

Damon glanced at Elena and didn't even answer back with a witty remark just looked at Stefan with a serious face. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

Stefan nodded and kissed Elena's forehead before following his brother.
After Isabel is bandaged and sent home. Damon just stares at the door for a moment as a wide grin spread across his face before he turned around and looked over at Stefan.
"I like her. She's got spunk." he stated stepping into the large living room.

"Here's an idea" Stefan spoke. "How about you don't get her involved in our lives?"

Damon smirked a little, as he headed over to the bar to pour himself a drink. When he kissed Isabel's hand. It was then he knew he had seen her before. He couldn't put a finger on it exactly because he a busy man. So little to late for Stefan's words.

"Little Late there Stefan, didn't you see the necklace. Or should I say smell. There was vervain in that necklace. So she either knows about vampires, or someone in that family does. Do we really want to take that chance?"

"We aren't killing her Damon."

"Who said anything about killing the girl, Just see how much she actually knows" Damon said looking over at Stefan as he took a sip of his whiskey.

"Fine" Stefan knew no matter what Damon was going to involve this girl.
 "Just Don't Kill her." Stefan's voice was serious. He knew his brother and he didn't want Anyone else killed by his brother if he could help it. Damon didn't plan on killing the girl. She intrigued him. He needed to find out where he'd seen her before.
(End Flashback) 

Isabel's phone rang and she pulled it out of the dark blue skinny jean's pocket and answered it with a 'Hello.' Her facial expression changed as soon as the caller started speaking.
 "What? Okay Well I'll be there soon." She answered into the phone.

"Isabel" Came her fathers voice on the other side. "Did you want me to book a ticket for the airport."

Isabel shook her head slightly even though her father couldn't possibly see it. She thought she heard Elena ask if she's alright but her fathers words just kept coming back to her.

"No Dad, I'll get a ride. And be there in a few hours I'm not wasting time waiting for a plane. Love you."

And after her father said goodbye she hung up but gripped her phone in her hand.

"Isabel what's wrong? What happen?" Elena asked concern written all over her face and seeping into her voice.

The Salvatore brothers came up in time to hear Isabel's answer. "No My Aunt she's in the hospital from an animal attack."

Both brother looked at each other. To them animal attack aren't usually what they say they are. Vampires aren't just in Mystic Falls.

"Oh my god Issy. I'm so sorry" Elena said, giving her friend a hug.

Isabel gave her a small sad smile. "Thanks. Problem is I need a ride there."

Damon spoke up. "I can give you a ride."

Isabel was shocked and frown a little, but a ride was a ride and quickly said.
 "Thank you Damon." Before anyone could register what had happened. She needed to see her aunt.

"Damon." Stefan started but he was soon cut off by his old brother.

Patting his shoulder Damon answered. 
"Don't worry Stefan. Back in alive and in one piece." Damon gave a grin before clapping his hands together.
 "Alright Let's go." he finished as he started down the hall with Isabel.

Elena and Stefan watched them both go. "Do you think it's safe having him drive her?"

Stefan didn't take his eyes off the pair leaving. "She'll be fine." As the talk he just had with his brother, Damon seemed in a pretty good mood, and he was sure it had something to do with Isabel, but he was still worried a bit as that could change quickly but he was sure Damon wouldn't harm her. One thing is for sure, if they ran into trouble Damon would protect her. She knows that.

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One Tree Hill,90210,Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, GossipGirl,Smallville,PrettyLittleLiars, The Lying Game, Glee,Jersey Shore, Degrassi,Teen Wolf, American Teenager,Switched at Birth,The O.C.,True Blood, The Secret Circle & Ringer..

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