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As I walked down the street I saw a beautiful red dress in a old looking vintage store. 

I crossed the street and got into the store it was a Valentino! A red Vintage sent by the Angels Valentino RED DRESS! 

What are the odds to find such an awesome dress in a regular vintage store, I saw they were looking for help and I decided I wanted a part time job! 

It’s not like I need the money but I had nothing to do and I can always quit! Right? Ohh but how wrong I was!

I got closer to the counter to pay for my dress and apply for the Job, when 2 of the most beautiful green/gray eyes I have ever seen, met with my blue ones
“Hello, may I help you miss?”

 a sweet manly, almost-too-magical-to-be-true voice said. And I realized I have been staring at him for almost a half second.

“Ugh…uh yes! Well I want this dress and I want to apply for the Job here too” I said and smiled shyly

“Sure darling” he said and shoot me a panty dropping smile.

 “here fill this up and let me know when you are done” he said and walked to the back of the store.

Oh My God he was hot! And the accent! I don’t know what the hell is with the guys in this city but they are SMOKING!

I filled the application and waited for him to come out front. Since he was not coming I decided to go look for him. I saw a half closed door and walked closer to it, then I heard him talking on his phone.

“I know Melissa I know!! I need to pick up Annia today but I cant! The store is in trouble and I need to take some extra shifts! I just fired the usless guy who worked here but I need more hands!”

Then he got quiet I guess Melissa is his wife or something and Annia is his kid… sure a guy like him has got to have a wife. He talked again and it felt like it was done so I ran back at the front to wait for him. It would be really embarrassing to be spying on my boss.

He took the application from my hands and read it.

“You are 22?” he asked surprised

“well yeah, why do I look older” I asked amused
“older? Not a chance in he.ll” he said and smiled again.

“So when do I know if I got the Job?” I asked 

“right now, u got it, nobody applied so you get it” he said

“oh thanks… erm.., hum what’s your name?” I said.

“haha im Sorry im Jayden, can I ask you something? I already know your name but its kindda personal and if you don’t want to answer you don’t have to…”

“hum sure, ask away…” I said

He smiled and said 

“how come a rich girl like you, because well ur a Texan Reynolds after all, needs a Job like this?” he asked with an unreadable expression

Oh.MY.God he knows about me! Why?, how? What im I going to say??? Should I tell him? 

Hit?? Miss?? tell meee!?

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