This is based off of the song "Don't Judge Me" by; Chris Brown. Its very touching, and I adore Breezy, sooooo yeahhh :)

Anyways. I hope you enjoy the 'Prologue' or the Character introduction, because, thats the only way it draws attention to the series -which- I hope to finish! :D

*E n j o y ! !

"Listen sweetie." My mom insisted, her hands locked around my wrist, I looked off slightly, not wanting to meet her beautiful hazel eyes. My heart could only take so much. "This is only for a month." She continued, her hand running down my dirty blond hair. 

"Sure." I wiggled out of her grasp, moving to another area, knowing I couldn't break in front of her. 

My life consisted of different homes. Every year. And stupid arguments with little bratty kids, who were racist, and judgemental. 

"I just wish I could run away from this life." I whispered, letting my face fall in my arms. 

"Mija," my mom called out, grabbing hold of my shoulder. I sighed, resting my head in the huddle a moment longer. "Its time to go." She whispered, I could tell she was carrying her things already.

"Alright." I murmered.

I lounged in my living room, my lap top rested on my lap, and my iPhone juggled in my hand, along with a few Doritos, I snacked on. 

"Giving the maid something to clean up, before she even comes?" Selena asked smiling. 

I looked back at her, forgetting she was even here. I was very drunk last night, she was my last resort. She wore a small skimpy night dress, her feet pelting the ground. 

"Yeah," I paused, starring at her. She glanced back at me smiling, "sorry. You've changed alot since. We..." I trailed shrugging, "broke up." I murmered. 

She giggled shaking her head in deny. "I've been free," she shrugged. "Thats all." Spinning on her heel, she turned to the door. "I think I should be going now." She suggested smiling. 

"Let me show you the way." I offered, as we walked to the door, I scoped Selena's figure, it seemed trimmed, like she got work done, or she's been working. 

She turned slightly, a grin on her face, like she was doing to me what she's been wanting to. Make me stare. "Take a picture," she paused turning fully, "it'll last longer."

I chuckled, grabbing a hold of her waist pulling her to me. She took it surprisingly, her breath being taken away. "But with a picture, I wouldn't be able to touch, what I'm looking at." I challenged, smiling. 

"Which are?" She asked, attacking hard. A smirk played on both of our faces, like we've been here before. 

I scooped her b o o b, making in bounce, she jumped out of my arm, shock. "Justin!" She shouted, that same smile on her face, "you can't do that to girls!" She slapped my arm hardly. 

I chuckled, dodging the lashes. "Sorry, sorry, sorry." I shouted, "You said, which was." I continued, thinking I made a valid point.

"Yeah," she paused, her eyes widening. "But I didn't say touch them." She spatted. 

"But you never did say, not to show you. So, we both win." I suggested, smiling. 

She rolled her eyes, opening the door "goodbye Justin." I glanced at the rundown fading green paint, on the pulling up Chevorelet. Selena turned aswell. 

"Nice seeing you." I waved, as she got into her car. Running a finger through my hair, I sighed, did I still want her? Probably. 

I walked back to the living room, where I waited for maitress, and her 'people'. 

Grunting, I pulled the door open, it sounded in distress, creaking loudly, echoing into the silent security proofed neighborhood.

"Tienes bastante el trato." Or in translation. You got quite the deal. 

"Sí." My mom smiled, winking. 

We gathered the things. She started up the stairs, but I paused, my body freezing. I could sense something...I couldn't identify it, but it made my heart beat a slight harder, like a jumpstart to a dead car. 

"¿Qué pasa?" My mom questioned, looking back at me, as the large front doors hung opened. 

"Un segundo," or in translation, one second. She smiled shaking her head. 

"Okay." She said in english, smiling. 

I knew the second I walked in, that I wouldn't enjoy what I was going to see.

Bunch of bratty kids running around, screaming about how its theres, or some crazyness. Not realizing, the cool breeze, pinched at my bare arms, making me procceed forward. 

As I peeked into the house, revealing to me, was a beautiful mansion layout, similar to those you would see on tv, there was a set of stairs, spiraling to the next floor, which was one of the many next floors, and ahead, seemed like the master kitchen, where chefs could deliver anything you could ask for. I loved cooking, its one of my favorite spots in my own rundown house. 

"Mom?" I called out, instantly worrying, because I hadn't realized, until then, that this was new to me.

I continued down the large hall way, revealing small rooms, where beds waited, I paused in front of one of the rooms, a large bed, empty and ready to be occupied. 

"Mamá-," I called out in spanish terms, this time, only to be cut off by the stares of....

Ohmygod. I don't believe it. 

Justin Bieber?
Ugh. Sorry, if that was bad, just. I don't know. I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time. 

Love you Guys! :) 


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