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“Uggggg! Ashleigh! Are you serious! I’m hungry!” I cried to my friend Ashleigh.
 “We promise! This is the last store before lunch!” my other friend Claire cried heading into the store.
“I’m gonna head down to the food court! Meet me there!”
“Fine whatever!” Ashleigh called disappearing into the store. I rolled my eyes just as my stomach grumbled. I started walking towards the food court. As I walked my phone buzzed. I pulled it out looking at it as I walked. Suddenly I ran right into someone, and hard. One of my bags was knocked out of my hand.
“Oh My Gosh! I am so sorry!” I cried looking up. I saw a boy leaning down, picking up my bag. His hair was brown with remains of bleaching at the top. As he stood up I immediately recognized him as Niall Horan, from One Direction. I wanted to freak out and scream but I held myself back. When he saw my face he quickly but is hand over my mouth. It was warm and I kinda wanted it to just stay there.
“Please don’t scream!” he cried, his wonderful Irish accent rolling off his tongue like velvet. Once he pulled his hand away I said,
“I wasn’t going to don’t worry.”
“Oh, are you not a fan?”
“No I am! But I mean I know I wouldn’t want someone screaming in my face! You guys are like guys I’d be friends with at school! I doubt any of my guy friends would want me to scream in their faces.” I said with a timid laugh.
“Oh well thanks!” He said flashing me a smile that made my legs wobble a bit. “I’m Niall.”
“Isabella.” I said.
“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” He said with a wink. That did it. I had to grip the near by mall railing. “Are you okay?” he cried with concern.
“Yeah, just hungry I guess…famished actually…”
“You haven’t eaten? 
“No, my two friends had to stop at one more store!” I cried rolling my eyes. He laughed! Check that one off my bucket list: To hear Niall laugh ✓.
“My friends did the same! We haven’t eaten either! Maybe you and your friends would wanna join us?” He said while I practically collapsed right there and then.
“Yeah that would fun!” I said smiling in his direction. He smiled back and my heart did a little leap. I texted Ashleigh and Claire as Niall texted his friends. 
Me: Had an…ummmm…. little run in with someone! Were having lunch with them and their friends! Meet me in the food court!
I turned to Niall with a smile and we headed off to the food court.
“So where should we eat?” he asked me.
“I don’t care! I’ll eat anything!” I cried with a smile.
“Same!” he said with a laugh.
“Okay! Looks like my no-fail system must be implemented!” I cried. I closed my eyes and randomly spun in a circle with my arm out. I stopped and looked where my hand pointed. “Looks like we’re eating in…. the bathroom?” I cried. 
“No-fail, huh?” Niall cried giving me a look. We both dissolved into fits of giggles.
“Isabella what are you laughing at now?” Claire asked smiling.
“She’s always laughing about something!” Ashleigh cried.
“Oh. MY. GOSH!!!” Claire and Ashleigh cried at the same time. They pulled me a bit of ways away from Niall.
“You didn’t tell us that the person you had “ a little run in” with was Niall Horan!” Claire cried putting air quotes around a little run in. I giggled and we all glanced at Niall. He waved and I waved back.
“Wait! Is that who I think it is coming up behind him!” Ashleigh cried.
“If you think it’s Josh, then yes…” I said with a smile knowing she LOVED Josh and Claire LOVED…
“Zayn! That’s Zayn behind him!!!!!!!” Claire cried. I laughed as we walked back towards Niall.
“Wow! Niall you didn’t say we were having lunch with a bunch of hot girls!” Josh whispered a little too loudly. Ashleigh giggled and blushed.
“This is Isabella!” Niall said a smile on his face. I saw Zayn raise his eyebrows at him out of the corner of my eye.
“This is Ashleigh and Claire.” I said pointing to my friends.
“Hi Claire! I’m Zayn!” Zayn cried sticking his hand out. Claire smiled and shook it.
“So where are we eating?” Ashleigh asked blushing. Confused, I looked at Josh and saw him starring at her. I bit my lip from laughing at how cute they were.
“The Bathrooms!” Niall cried and he and I both laughed.
“Okay…. Weird inside joke we missed out on….” Zayn cried.
“I’m assuming it was a you-had-to-be-there moment?” Claire asked. Niall and I nodded at both of them.
“Burgers?” Ashleigh asked.
“I LOVE BURGURS!!!!!!!!!!” Josh blurted out. I bit my lip extra hard not to laugh but Niall didn’t try so hard.
 “Smooth man, smooth… He cried cracking up and I started laughing as well.
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