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Gah. This one isn’t very good, but that’s the way it goes. Forgive me, my brain isn't working properly today. But any thoughts, criticisms, or cookies would be highly appreciated.
John Watson was annoyed. Very annoyed.
This may be because he was late for a job interview, or perhaps had totally skewered his chances with a potential girlfriend, or possibly the fact that he was tied to a chair with a knife pointed at his throat. Or it could be a mixture of the three.
“What do you know of the Doctor?” The voice was harsh, mechanical. He couldn’t see the speaker.
“Nothing! Nothing, I swear- wait, how did I get here?“
“That wasn’t an answer. What do you know of the Doctor?” Silence. “Our kind is many, and our kind is one. We will find you, and we will kill you. Now tell us-“ The speakers in the room started to emit a loud buzzing sound, almost like…
An alarm clock.

John rubbed his eyes, and rolled out of bed. He reached for his cane instinctively before remembering that he didn’t need it anymore. Downstairs, he could hear a loud crash followed by a string of curses, the sounds of Sherlock Holmes making breakfast. He went into the bathroom to wash his face. The figure in the mirror was remarkably average looking, quite tired, too, but it was the good kind of tired, the happy kind of tired. Not the awful kind of tired that came from his years at war.

He shuffled downstairs. “Morning,” he called out to Sherlock. “I had the strangest dream last night, like I was-“

“Boring. Don’t want to hear it.” Sherlock, charming as ever, came out from the kitchen. “Want to see something interesting, though? Look at this.” He handed John the paper. “Page two.”


“Well good for them,” John muttered, still confused as to why this was relevant. “I always knew those students would get somewhere.”

“Like always, John, missing the point entirely. This wouldn’t be as remarkable, if it were, say, Oxford. Or Yale. But our university? One of the worst science and technology programs in the country, suddenly jumping to this? The knowledge and technology required for a project this scale is huge.”

There was a knock at the door, and John answered. Standing at the doormat was… someone familiar. Someone that had stumped Sherlock Holmes just two months ago, which, as far as John Watson was concerned, wasn’t humanly possible.

“Hello again,” said the Doctor cheerfully. “I think I know what’s going on here.”
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