Character Profile: Alexia

For the PRP i got going with @zemmyexistsbitches
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    "TYhis is her best friend Alli, they've known each other forever, they know everything about each other." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Crashed Car
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    "She crashed the car and hurt herself badly. There is a large scar running across her stomach." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    The Crashed Car is a scary story about a husband and wife who are driving home at night when they come across a car accident. ...
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    "Since the crash the only person who she allowed into her life properly, and shared anything with was Alli, even now, nobody truly knows her." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    An Inspiring Collection of Amazing Photographs Filled with Expressive Words, Sayings and Quotes.
  • z33zy
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    "At the age of 18 she started to feel better about herself, started College, got new friends, got a job and became happy again, getting this tattoo across her scar." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • tattoos | Tumblr
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    "After her first tattoo she became hooked and got quotation marks on her shoulder blades when she was 19..." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Ink
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    "...And then a kettle and cupcake on opposite ankles." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    DDuky, female. ♥ Tattoos, Stretching, Halloween, Pumpkins, Tea Time, Shoes, Rockabilly Dresses, Zombies
  • Wall Quote Cafe' Wall Quote
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    "Two cupcake and Kettle represent her goals to open a cafe that sells her cupcakes and pastries. She bakes them for anyone one." — @anotheryouthfuldream
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  • Apples and Pinapples.
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    "She also thinks that there is a cupcake for every occasion." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    Nancy [17] Actually, my name is Nevena. I just want to be loved. By accident i wasn't born in NY, but I should. I adore fashion, music, magazines, and Italy.
  • The eye of another youthful dream.
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    "Also on a sweet note, anyone who buys her a Soy Caramel Cream Frappé from Starbucks, wins heart heart immediately." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    Don't forget to be the way you are.
  • Tumblr
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    "Her current job bears no resemblance to anything to do with baking. She plays piano is a fancy cocktail bar in the fancy part of town, it's owned by her uncle." — @anotheryouthfuldream
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  • stock.xchng - Guitar (photo by pukeycow)
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    "She also plays guitar and Ukulele and can sing. But nobody, even Alli, ever hears her." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Jack, Jack Harries.
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    "This is Youtube star, Jack Harris. He and his twin wound up lost in America and he is now staying with her. She's quickly falling for him." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Point me to the sky above.
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    "Letting him know her is going to be hard, letting him see the scars, both physically and mentally, is going to be harder. But she needs to try." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • katie
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    "She ran away and shut him out, so she might do it to Jack too. It's all because of that scar making her so insecure." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Vintage grunge high waisted lace shorts studded pocket LEVIS STYLE size 6 8
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    "She never shows her stomach but she virtually lives in shorts, even in winter." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    Vintage grunge high waisted lace shorts studded pocket LEVIS STYLE size 6 & 8 in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Shorts | eBay
  • The Wolf Shorts
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    "Studs and lace are her favourite things with clothing." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Top Flow Grey
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    "Shirts with quotes or pictures are also great, her wardrobe is full of them." — @anotheryouthfuldream
  • Alexander McQueen Grey Bird & Dragonfly Skull T-Shirt
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    Cotton boxy t-shirt with printed bird & dragonfly skull. Material: 100%cotton.
  • Topshop 'gothic Cat' Tee
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    A shadowy pair of piercing yellow eyes peer out from an oversized black tee. Approx. length from shoulder: 28". Polyester; machine wash. By Topshop; imported. Savvy.
  • Converse Kids, Studded Converse by CUSTOMDUO on ETSY
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    "She also lives in converse, she has 13 pairs." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    Converse Kids, Studded Converse by CUSTOMDUO on ETSY. 1. Products of CUSTOMDUO are, by the nature of custom-built, made to order, can not be canceled or refunded. 2. For the information of shoes size, please refer the chart below. 3. Vintage operations on the soles of shoes are optional. 4. If you send us images you want, all Converse products can be custom-made. 5. About five days are taken from order to making completion, 6. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. we would love to answer you. 7. We will send it as a personal gift with a low value, so normally you don't need to pay any taxes. But if there exits any tariff, you will pay for it.
  • TOPSHOP Crochet Lace Flippy Dress
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    "The only time she wears dresses or skirts is for work, where she needs up look 'upclass' and 'perfect'. It's not her style at all, but she likes the money." — @anotheryouthfuldream
    Black crochet lace flippy dress nipped in at waist. Length 85cm. 100% Cotton. Machine washable.Model is 5'9" and is wearing size 10.
  • Zanzea Women Platform Pump Stiletto Super High Heels Shoes
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    "It's also the only time she ever wears heels." — @anotheryouthfuldream

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