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  • hot guys with tattoos omagz002
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    "Name: James Carter
    Talent: Dance
    Personality: quiet, athletic, modest, shy." — @gemmziepop
  • Sitemodel Natalie ♥
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    "Name: Kacey Hart
    Talent: Singing
    Personality: full-on, happy, loud, tries to impress people.
    Single" — @gemmziepop
  • emo girls | Tumblr
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    "Name: Ella Cunningham
    Talent: Art
    Personality: funny, happy, loud.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • arthur sales | Tumblr
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    "Name: Noah Jameson
    Talent: Dance
    Personality: out-going, humorous, athletic
    Dating: single.
    *Sophia's brother*
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • hair. nails. makeup
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    "Name: Sophia Anne Jameson
    Talent: Writing
    Personality: sweet, kind, funny, caring. Practically perfect.
    Dating: Fletcher.
    TAKEN by ker." — @gemmziepop
    I want my hair that long.
  • Фото: Митч Хьюер
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    "Name: Alessandro Parr
    Talent: Modelling
    Personality: shy, quiet, mysterious.
    Dating: Victoria." — @gemmziepop
    Фото: митч хьюер (MITCH HEWER). Фотографии актера на КиноПоиск.ru.
  • Marie Claire Magazine
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    "Raine Garcia
    Talent: modelling and writing
    Personality: As you can see, Raine is beautiful. Thankfully she's modest about it. Her and Olivia are good friends.
    Single - surprisingly.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
    Amanda Seyfried
  • Tumblr
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    "Olivia Parr
    Talent: Photography
    Personality: quiet, shy, easy-going, relaxed.
    Dating: single.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • Francisco Lachowski
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    "Name: Oliver Saint
    Talent: Modelling and writing
    Personality: sweet, kind, athletic.
    Dating: single.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • Mila Kunis
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    "Ashley King
    Talent: writing
    Personality: athletic, intelligent, modest, mostly happy.
    Single" — @gemmziepop
  • היופי בעיני המתבונן
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    "Alexis West
    Talent: photography and writing
    Personality: intelligent, optimistic, warm, kind.
    Single" — @gemmziepop
  • Barbara Palvin twarzą L'Oreal Paris
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    "Aurora West
    Talent: writing and modelling.
    Personality: elegant, feisty, humorous.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
    Młodziutka Barbara Palvin dołączyła niedawno do grona globalnych ambasadorek marki L'Oreal Paris. Zaledwie w dwa tygod...
  • Sitemodel Pavlina
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    "Tiffany Miller
    Talent: modelling
    Personality: Tiffany is a friendly girl that finds it easy to make friends." — @gemmziepop
  • lovely lucy hale <3
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    "Isabella Alvord
    Talent: acting and singing.
    Personality: Isabella is Tiffany's cousin. They get on pretty well and are interested in the same things." — @gemmziepop
  • Kelsey Munster - emo site model
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    "Emily Collins
    Talent: Art & writing.
    Personality: bubbly, shy, quiet. Not your average slut that would jump into bed whenever a guy clicks their fingers.
    RESERVED for KHLOEE." — @gemmziepop
  • adriana lima - The World's Best Ever: Design, Fashion, Art, Music, Photography, Lifestyle, Entertainment
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    "Brianna Hendrix
    Talent: modelling
    Brianna slept with a teacher last year, she was suspended for the rest of the year and the teacher was fired. That basically tells you her personality.
    Single" — @gemmziepop
  • Tanned and terrific in tangerine! Lea Michele displays her toned figure in a bold orange shift as she cuddles up to Cory Monteith
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    "Hayden Watson
    Talent: singing, songwriting.
    Personality: Hayden is very musical, she started singing from a young age. She's very determined and never gives up on anything.
    Reserved for Kerri." — @gemmziepop
    Cuddling up for the cameras, the duo made quite the striking pair.
  • Lindsay Ellingson Victoria's Secret's New Bra Gorgeous
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    "Victoria Ravn
    Talent: modelling
    Personality: confident, elegant, modest
    Dating: Alessandro.
    Reserved for Mollie." — @gemmziepop
    X-posted in AOC Private Studio Victoria's Secret introduces Gorgeous in Lindsay Ellingso...
  • Mermaid*Tits
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    "Heather Wilson
    Talent: acting.
    Personality: Heather is always up for a laugh. She's beautiful as modest." — @gemmziepop
    I'm Paige AKA lil killa. I'm a really sweet girl, but.. there's only so much I can take. I have a short fuse, and it keeps burnin.
  • lovely green eyes
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    "Megan Patterson
    Talent: acting & dance
    Personality: Rebellious. Megan is known for her relationship flings that never work out. She loves throwing huge parties.
    Single - but was on and off with Fletcher before he started dating Sophia.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
    Piccsy website
  • Emma-roberts-hair-6324d.jpg
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    "Emma Levine
    Talent: acting.
    Personality: stubborn, often ungrateful
    Single" — @gemmziepop
  • ariana grande | Tumblr
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    "Jade Williams
    *Zack's sister*
    Talent: Acting
    Personality: friendly, kind. She's mature and deals with everything seriously." — @gemmziepop
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    "Zack Williams
    *Jade's brother*
    Talent: singing & dance
    Personality: He's wild and rebellious, he doesn't really care about anything - except his sister. He's quite protective over her." — @gemmziepop
    Regardez des vidéos & écoutez gratuitement Zayn Malik : Let Me Love You, You Belong With Me & plus, et 105 photos. Zayn Jawaad Malik, est un jeune chanteur de 19 ans ( né le 12 janvier 1993 à Bradford ) qui fait parti du groupe des "One Direction". Il est de nationalité anglaise et pakistanaise. Son prénom s’écrit "Zain", mais il préfère qu’on l’écrit "Zayn". Son signe astrologique est Capricorne. Il a trois soeurs : une plus grande (Doniya, 19ans), et deux petites (Walihya 10ans, Safaa 8ans). Il a fondé avec 4 de ses amis (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson et Liam Payne) les "One Direction". Ils ont participé à X Factor en Angleterre, et ont finis 3ème à la finale. Découvrez de la musique, des concerts, des vidéos et des images grâce au catalogue online
  • liam hemsworth | Tumblr
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    "Robert Tyler
    Talent: acting
    Personality: he's mysterious and doesn't open up to anyone. He and Miranda are childhood friends." — @gemmziepop
  • allison's husband, logan lerman. ♥
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    "Mark Burris
    Talent: Singing and Art.
    Personality: he's a nice guy once you get to know him. He's quiet and doesn't have many friends." — @gemmziepop
  • Sarah Storms
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    "Kiara Cosgrove
    Talent: Music (keyboard, guitar..)
    Personality: Sweet, friendly. A lot like Sophia." — @gemmziepop
  • Miley Cyrus icon by Kristen.
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    "Joy Mathews
    Talent: Singing
    Personality: She had a hard upbringing as a child and now finds it hard to settle down in a relationship or have proper friends." — @gemmziepop
  • Emma Watson Wallpapers | Best Top Desktop HD Wallpapers
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    "Charlotte 'Lottie' Bournival
    Talent: Acting and modelling
    Personality: quiet, shy - but capable looking after herself.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • Miranda Kerr True Beauty
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    "Miranda Woods
    Talent: Singing and songwriting.
    Personality: mischievous, domineering, stubborn. She's a loyal friend, but always likes things her way.
    Single" — @gemmziepop
    miranda kerr
  • justin bieber | Tumblr
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    "Name: River Beckett
    Talent: Dance and acting
    Personality: he's a player, he doesn't have much respect for girls, he's loud, out-going and quite rebellious.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • Insanely Cute Girls ♥
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    "Name: Aimee Vang
    Talent: Dance
    Personality: Kind, happy, she often underestimates herself.
    Single" — @gemmziepop
  • holden-nowell18 | Hombres Hermosos, Chicos lindos
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    "Name: Fletcher Noel
    Talent: Dance
    Personality: he's a laid-back go with the flow kind of guy.
    Dating: Sophia.
    TAKEN" — @gemmziepop
  • kendall jenner, my adorable angel.
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    "Chloé Noel
    *Fletcher's sister*
    Talent: singing.
    Personality: she's mature and responsible but still knows how to have a good time.
    RESERVED for OMGFABULOS" — @gemmziepop

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