characters - stilla zombie apocalypse role play

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william bowman; William has excellent leader qualities. He can be arrogant, but is extremely justified and fair.
jenna pakula; Jenna is a fighter. She is brave, strong-minded and honest.

jacob buckley; Jacob is sly and cowardly. Don't let him fool you- underneath this, Jacob is sinister.
samuel webb;
dex briggs;
kimberly smith;
rosanne tanner; Rosanne was separated from her husband during the evacuation of her hometown. She doesn't know whether he is dead, alive, or stuck between the both- a walker. Rosanne is a mother figure to the youngest member of camp.
ana sanchez;
kathleen larsen;
donald thompson; Donald is the camp wimp. Other than that, he is funny, cooperative and sarcastic. He used to be a journalist, and comes from England.
victor hall;
miles scott;
noah abram;
esther nelson;
seth brown; Seph rarely speaks. He is fast, brave and good at fighting, but these qualities rarely show.
leda cole; Leda is bitter, resentful and unreasonable. She often makes bad, rash decisions and doesn't have to think twice about killing.
hattie clarke; Hattie tends to stand back in an attack. She can be a bimbo, and is generally quick to judge and often puts the camps safety in jeopardy.
stephanie crowe;
sierra romanoff;
promise lui;
dominic wasel;
jessica straum;
benjamin tatler; Despite his age, Benjamin is brave, mature, and often makes excellent decisions.
  • Fuck Yeah Christoph Waltz!
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    Christoph Waltz is awesome. End of story. Submit stuff Brittany is the lazy ass founder of this....
  • Mira Furlan
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    "Jenna Pakula // 46 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
    Mira Furlan, Actress: Babylon 5. A leading actress of theatre, film and TV in the former Yugoslavia, Mira Furlan emigrated to the U.S. with her husband, Goran Gajic, in November 1991, due to the intolerable political circumstances in her homeland. Ms. Furlan starred in the Warner Brothers TV-series Babylon 5 as "Ambassador Delenn" (Sci-Fi Universe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Genre TV-series 1996 and 1997)...
  • Benjamin Linus
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    "Jacob Buckley // 45 // taken by avia98" — @morbidcuriosity
    Benjamin Linus Portrayed by Michael Emerson Sterling Beaumon (child) First seen "One of Them...
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
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    "Samuel Webb // 38 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
  • Paul+Rudd+1.jpg 763×800 pixels
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    "Dex Briggs // 37 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
  • She is Diva
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    It's the movie absolutely everybody is talking about and just in case the buzz behind it wasn't strong enough, today saw all that change for 'Django Un
  • Juliet Burke
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    "Rosanne Tanner // 35 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
    Juliet Burke photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
  • Ana Lucia Cortez - Michelle Rodriguez - LOST
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  • vogue :: Ver tema - evangeline lilly
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    "Kathleen Larsen // 34 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
  • simon pegg
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    "Donald Thompson // 32 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
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    "Victor Hall // 31 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
  • ¡Vaya marcha tiene Jake Gyllenhaal!
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    Poproseros, ni Miley Cyrus y su baile en plan guarrilla ni nada, aquí el que tiene ritmo y sangre caribeña en las venas (igual me he pasado) es Jak...
  • Eddie Redmayne
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    "Noah Abram // 28 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
    Eddie Redmayne, Actor: Les Misérables. English actor Eddie Redmayne was raised in London. He is one of five children, and the only member of his family to following a career in acting. He was educated at Eton College before going on to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied History of Art. Encouraged by his parents, Redmayne took drama lessons from a young age...
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  • La plus belle photo de jessica stroup
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    déposez les plus belle photos !!!! - déposez les plus belle photos !!!! - Participez !
  • De Profil Daniel Bruhl
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    This week I would like to feature a long time favorite actor of mine, German actor Daniel Bruhl.  Born in Barcelona to Spanish and German parents, Bruhl has been acting for 15 years; he’s been nominated for  and received over
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    "Leda Cole // 23 // taken by avia98" — @morbidcuriosity
    DIESEL presents ONLY THE BRAVE TATTOO GALLERY: a virtual museum of shared experiences through ink and tattoo culture. Cool people, passionated artists, fascinating stories. Visit our gallery and send your pics and stories to join our hall of fame.
  • GROWN UPS 2 Casts David Henrie, PERCY JACKSON 2 Adds Leven Rambin | Collider
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    GROWN UPS 2 adds David Henrie alongside Taylor Lautner in Adam Sandler's first-ever sequel. THE HUNGER GAMES' star Leven Rambin joins PERCY JACKSON 2.
  • Emily Rudd
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    "Bree Madden // 21 // taken by girlyswirly" — @morbidcuriosity
  • Pinterest / Search results for ebba zingmark
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    "Stephanie Crowe // 20 // taken by Miss.BatGirl92" — @morbidcuriosity
  • Maymay Kay
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    "Promise Lui // 18 // taken by graciebee99" — @morbidcuriosity
    Maymay is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • mattg124
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    "Dominic Wasel // 17 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
  • Tania Raymonde
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    "Jessica Straum // 16 // available" — @morbidcuriosity
    Tania Raymonde, Actress: The Garage. Tania Raymonde (born March 22, 1988) is an American actress. Raymonde's first prominent casting role was the recurring character of Cynthia Sanders in TV series Malcolm in the Middle between 2000–2003, followed by a popular role as Alex Rousseau in ABC's Lost from 2006 to 2010. She can currently...
  • Sterling Beaumon
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    "Benjamin Tatler // 13 // taken by simsstarDC" — @morbidcuriosity
    Extensive collection of Sterling Beaumon pictures.  Recent pics, hot pics, shirtlesss pics! View photos of Sterling Beaumon at red carpet events, photo shoots, in movie posters, and more!

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