District 1
Female: Kiera Moore (18)
Male: Dylan O'Conner (16)
Directly after the reaping, I step on the train that was going to take us to the Capital and a woman in a silver uniform shows me to my living quarters. After I pick out a white dress, I'm having dinner with my mentor, Monique, to talk strategies. The first thing that William taught me was, you can find good allies in any form, or in this case, district. Since I’m from district, traditionally I’m supposed to work together with district 2 & 4, but that won’t stop me for considering the other districts.

After arriving at the Capital, I’m off to the Prep Room. Suddenly a 6’4’’ man with chocolate brown skin and blond (almost white) long hair walks into the room.

“Hello there, I’m Delta and I’m your stylist.” I’m very surprised by his high pitch voice, wondering if he’s not secretly a woman.

He makes the hairdresser cut my hair “shoulder-short” and with a few pink highlights. Then he bath it in a green, oily substance.

“What’s this for?” I ask, but all I reserves is a sneaky smirk.

Then it’s off to makeup, which turned out very simple, making me think that Delta is rooting for another district. But when I see the dress, a gown in gold and gems, I quickly forgive him. To the dress is a pair of golden stiletto sandals and a gold choker with gems. Now it was time to meet up with Dylan and then is the ride.

Dylan's wearing a classic black suit, with a white shirt and red/green tie.

“Umm, Delta, what are we supposed to represent? This is a bit… boring.”

“The suit and the gown is representing district 1’s high class and wealth. And I must say that I feel a little offended with the word “boring”, since for centuries, these clothes have been worn by kings and queens. But we have added a little surprise: when the ride starts, click the heels of your shoes together twice and the show will begin. Now, I wish you the best of luck and remember: two click with the heels.” Delta says and the two stylists leave the room.

A guard is directing us to the chariot room and our chariot. I can see the other chariots but they are all empty, since we’re first. As the guard gives us the sign and the chariot starts rolling, both me and Dylan clicked our heels twice and immediately our costumes change.

Dylan’s suit sparkles like it’s covered in gem stones, while my gown glows like it’s made out of gold. My hair also glows like gold, while Dylan’s sparkles in brown.

Now I truly feel like royalty as I wave to the audience, loving every second.
District 1: Kiera Moore, 18 (@nightdragon)
District 2: Salem Hunt, 18 (@hanpalf)
District 3: Ariette Eaves, 12 (@ap-lever)
District 4: Forrest Novak, 16 (@tophat-95)
District 5: N/A
District 6: Zoe Chandler, 15 (@dreamer4lifexx)
District 7: Aubrey Hetching-Leradd, 17 (@sheisnotonfire)
District 8: Charlene Whipple, 18 (@princessbrievel)
District 9: Poppy Acacia Clark, 16 (@hungergamestintin1d)
District 10: Nora Cleaver (@teenroyalty)
District 11: Lilly Ecclestion, 17 (@totallylost13)
District 12: Lucy Lauren-Snow, (@megan-j-loves-you)

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