Me: Hi everyone! It's Geeky here with some exciting news!
Finn: She kidnapped me.
Me: YES! I successfully kidnapped Finn Whitman! YAY!
Finn: So is this the sight you were talking to me about? Polyvest?
Me: ....... Polyvore. -whispers- Idiot
Finn: You know I am sitting right next to you, right?
Me: Which makes it all the funnier.
Finn: Ugh. So ya, I'll be basically with her 24/7. Don't worry though. I've been kidnapped before.
Me: Overtakers... -shivers- He likes to sleep in my closet so he lives in there with Malory the Marble.
Finn: She talks a lot.
Me: That's why I keep her in the closet with you and Thomas the Gerbil.
Finn: Why can't I be in the bathroom with Percy, Scarves and Mittens?
Me: Shh!!! -whacks- They don't need to know about them!
Finn: Ow.
Me: Well say bye Finn!
Finn: Bye Finn!
Me: Shut up. -whacks-
Finn: Ow!
Me: Bye!

-Geeky <3
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