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  • Charles & Marie By:Amt - InsideOut Martini Glass
    Charles & Marie By:Amt - InsideOut Martini Glass
    The InsideOut Martini glass turns the traditional image of glasses around, from the inside to the outside. Besides the spectacular appearance, the Inside Out Martini glass also has practical advantages. The famous and iconic shape of the traditional Martini glass by By:Amt is held in an elegant, exterior glass cylinder as if it was floating. If the glass is filled, the interior identity of the glass is presented fascinatingly. A wonderful appearance effect! Besides the visual beauty there is another convincing argument for the glasses: The drink won’t become as warm as in other glasses when they remain in your hands. Since the glass is held at the exterior cylinder, the inside remains protected and the air in between the layers also keeps the content from warming – a natural thermo effect.
  • Charles & Marie By:Amt - InsideOut Champagne Glass
    Charles & Marie By:Amt - InsideOut Champagne Glass
    The form of the glass shows us what content has to fill it. A Martini glass is used for a Cosmopolitan, if you want to drink champagne, you use champagne flutes, and so on. Therefore a good arranged house-bar owns numerous glasses that are designated to holding special contents. The designer Alissia Melka- Teichroew faced the challenge on a playful and creative way to turn a drinking glass upside down with her design, so that she quasi created the negative of a glass. The outer transparent form complies with the form of an archetype drink glass. The inside of the glass explains the usage from the object – over all when it is filled. The InsideOut glasses are an aesthetical, humorous and stylish fulfilling for every household. Moreover they possess the practical advantage of an insulated working because of the double-walled glass that maintains the champagne cooler that conventional champagne flutes.
  • Charles & Marie - Radiator Mug
    Charles & Marie - Radiator Mug
    The Radiator Mug by Charles & Marie includes the traditional design of cooling-elements, and this hasn’t only stylish reasons. Extremely practical advantages are automatically brought by the Stephen Reed designed mugs. Those that have already opened or watched an ancient PC or cooled down motors, knows the principle that also powers the Radiator Mugs. The cooling fins are assorted all around the whole mug and this is also how the mug can be held, without getting too hot for the fingers. Besides the fact, that this mug is a very good idea, it is furthermore elegant, well designed and consists of high quality porcelain.
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