Charles Muntz is such a great villain because he's so twisted. He believes that he's doing the right thing when he isn't. Blinded by his hunger for appreciation and honor, he forgets the true reason why science and exploration matters.

And UP. Oh my goodness. Up is truly my favorite Pixar's so hilarious and filled with so many emotions that I always laugh and cry at the same time. I've watched it so many times, and yet it still feels so fresh and fun. ^-^

I'm doing the 30-Day Disneybound Challenge by @tallybow! I'm putting them together in a collection here: Come check it out! 

---Day 1---Your favorite princess
---Day 2---Your favorite prince
---Day 3---Your favorite sidekick
---Day 4---Your favorite villain
---Day 5---Your favorite song
---Day 6---Your favorite unofficial princess
---Day 7---Your favorite unofficial prince
---Day 8---A movie you wish had a sequel
---Day 9---Your favorite movie
---Day 10---Your favorite kiss
---Day 11---Your favorite moment
---Day 12---A moment that's really sad for you
---Day 13---Your favorite movie soundtrack
---Day 14---Your favorite non-animated movie
---Day 15---Your favorite dress
---Day 16---A character who has the best wardrobe
---Day 17---Your favorite villainous sidekick
---Day 18---Your favorite Disney TV show
---Day 19---Your favorite singing voice
---Day 20---An outfit you wished you owned
---Day 21---Your favorite ride at Disney World/Disney Land
---Day 22---Your favorite Pixar movie (UP)
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