Charlotte Devin

{Yet again, this is for a writing project too}
Hello, my name is Char Devin. I am sixteen years old. I'm outgoing and fearless. I was born in Paris and spent eight years there before I moved to a small high-class town in America. I am completely happy with my life - I have a perfect boyfriend, a perfect best friend named Jade, and plenty of friends to keep me company. My style is envied by everyone I know, even when I change it up nearly everyday. My favorite place is still the three-story walk-up that I spent my early childhood in.
My life is perfect, but I want more. I yearn for a bad boy to seduce me, I want someone to tell me that I'm wearing too much makeup or wearing too little of clothing, I long to let go. While Jade wants perfection, I'm heading for a full-on downward spiral.

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