hey guys and happy saturday! woah i'm behind now in my publishing schedule after not publishing anything for 3 days...lmao

before i forget, this set is inspired by @rockgirlfriend15's set here as her prize from my christmas contest: http://www.polyvore.com/bright_blues_inverted_colour_tag/set?id=186986691

this set is named "charlotte" because i have a friend named charlotte and today is her birthday. she would never wear this outfit though, she basically dresses like an old english woman trapped inside the body of a seventeen year old but it's cute. we went to lunch together (on me) at polo tropical bc that's our favorite place to eat together after we both took the sat this morning oooooh kill em

last night i had a band camp tho so that was fun, my sister and i went to mcdonalds and bought 20 chicken nuggets prior to that but then we ate all of them and played our respective instruments for 6 hours. it was very fun and i learned lots of new cool things about flute so i really enjoyed my experience at this event even though it ran kinda late and i had the sat this morning

also i get to meet the mayor of the my city on monday because of something I (as in ME) planned for history honor society and i think that's pretty cool that i set this up. i'm looking forward to that

and i need to post a tip or two today idk? i'm running behind on making those lol. anyways i'm gonna go now because i am going to redo someone's items as that is another prize from the contest. whew, all of the prizes are almost done! okay, byeeee

january 23, 2016


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