A set to the wonderful @diegolohve @bloggablegirl @anabella507! Happy belated birthday! With each new day comes new strength and new thoughts, I pray that you will be empowered in whatever you do :)

I am really glad my investiture is over, all the rehearsals were making my head go dizzy. School formal uniform + court shoes = catastrophe. I am a walking disaster in heels! Although the shoes were only 2 inches high, I somehow managed to break both heels. My walking must have been pretty bad haha :p My feet ached at the end of last week, ugh. Wearing heels for 4 days consecutively is not good. I wonder how do models survive? By leaning on the belief that pain is beauty? I don't want to go through that pain again, I am sticking to my flats/sneakers! :)

**Blazer, top and sunglasses from http://www.choies.com.

I have a lot of these 11 questions tags... But I will slowly do all the tags and once I have completed all, I will tag some of you guys ;D

Tagged by @i-talk-to-trees:

1) What are three places you've always wanted to go to?
Paris, New York and Prague!
2) Do you play any instruments?
I can play the ukulele. Super cute, I love the sort of 'jamming' feel that it has. Hmm.. I sort of can play the piano. I know the basics (thank you dear school) but I can only play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Pretty cool, huh?! #feelfreetojudgepat 

3)Any current obsessions?
Butterflies and swallows! They are so pretty! (Check out some artsy designs on Etsy, you will be amazed.)

4)Do you prefer to stay inside or outside? 
It depends. 

5)Do you read a lot? 
*nods head fervently*
6)Favourite kind of tea?
Cranberry citrus tea!

7)How would you describe your style?
Cute? I have been trying to get out of this zone though. And failing. So I guess I will just stick to my cutesy style :)

8)Do you have any pets?
I used to own 6 rabbits, but I gave them away ):
9)Favourite artsy past time?
Haha either Polyvore or my random sketches in my notebook.

10)Weirdest movie you've ever seen?
I can't remember the title, but it's a Chinese movie about aliens that gave birth to humans and made them undergo an operation to be an alien. Go figure.
11)What would you change your name to?
I am not too sure (I already quite like my name!), but I like names that are related to flowers. So maybe Primrose, Azalea, Lilac or Fleur.
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