been obsessed with making my sets like this since i saw @henna-enjoys-the-little-things doing it except mine don't look nearly as good.

Name: Adrian Iva Roselle 

Age: 18

Model: Nina Dobrev

Region: Quwaylo (West)

Likes: music, birds, being alone, drawing, charcoal, colored pencils, long novels, history textbooks, travel brochures, chapstick, lined paper, broken-in boots, oversized headphones, hammocks, waterfalls, sunrise's, windows, light rain, dark chocolate, riding horses.

Dislikes: the empty rooms of her house, fire, heavy wind and rainfall, consequences, being alive, when things break, staying up late, broken hair ties, being poor, being an only child, lack of opportunity, Quwaylo. 

Bio: Adrian has never belonged - or, more accurately, Adrian has never been wanted. Quwaylo is the prime place for the rest of Paradis to get any and all tropical fruits and vegetables, and her parents are farmers - thus, they were incredibly disappointed when their first-born child was a girl instead of the much-anticipated boy. She was named Adrian anyway - a tribute to the boy they wanted and didn't get. Throughout the two years of her life, Adrian was ignored as much as you could afford to ignore her. But things became better for her when her mother gave birth to twin boys - and when, the next year, she gave birth to another set of twins - a girl and a boy. With three boys, her parents were satisfied, and she and her sister were accepted a bit more. Adrian enjoyed school immensely, and was accepted into Quwaylo Academy - the most prestigious school in her district. She was gifted a full scholarship, and her parents were thrilled. The rest of her siblings continued on at Quwaylo Day School, and remained content there. Unfortunately, one day just last year, Quwaylo Day School had a half day, and Adrians siblings came home early - they were hungry, and Adrian's sister went to cook something. The youngest was messing about in the kitchen while the cooking was happening, and - just like that - a fire started. There were no survivors. Suddenly, Adrian was the only child again - and she was again ignored as much as possible. Her parents were grieving not only over the loss of their children, but over the loss of three free farmhands - the farm had fallen upon bad times, and since the family needed to rebuild a house, they could only afford one farmhand - and that was stretching it. The past year's been hell for poor Adrian - the only child in a house built upon the dead, unloved by parents who want a son, forced to wake early on weekends in order to help out as much as she can around the farm - and the chances of her getting into college slowly growing dimmer as her parents talked about their plans for her to help around the farm in the following years of her life. But, with the kings announcement, things rapidly changed. Suddenly, having their eldest be a female didn't seem so bad - because they could enter her in the competition and, if she won, they would never again have to worry about money. She would be the Queen, and they, as her parents, would be recognized often and quite well. So Adrian was entered - against her will, of course. The last thing Adrian wants is to be a farmer for the rest of her life, but she would rather do that than be a princess - picked in a competition no less! No, Adrian dreams of travel and, maybe someday, marriage, but only after she's truly fallen in love - not after she's won some silly competition filled with girls who have no idea what suffering is. No, Adrian isn't happy about this. Not one bit. But it's too late to back out now, and the embarrassment that purposefully throwing the competition would bring her family is too horrid to think of. So, despite her extreme reservations, Adrian will journey to Paradis and complete for the one thing so many others want - the Prince's hand and the crown of Paradis. 

- Magdelene Roselle: Mother. 54.
{ugh idk}
- Emerson Roselle: Father. 60.
{again, idk}
- Felix Roselle: Brother. 18. Deceased. Twin of Brameston. 
{Alexander Ludwig}
- Brameston Roselle: Brother. 18. Deceased. Twin of Felix. 
{Alexander Ludwig}
- Enki Roselle: Sister. 17. Deceased. Twin of Laryn.
{Barbara Palvin}
- Laryn Roselle : Brother. 17. Deceased. Twin of Enki.
{Chace Crawford}

Taken By: @beautifultruth

Tags; @the-glamourai @opium-glitter-guns
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