I just re-did my tumblr theme and idk how i feel about it.

Also, i have a page on tumblr called 'my face' and its pics of me. But, for some reason it doesn't work when i click on it. So if one of y'all clicked on it does it work? Can you please lemme know? And if it does not how do I fix this problem?

Sorry for all the confusing-ness! Anyway please check out my tumblr, i wanna reach 300 by Novemeber!


it's a pretty preppy/funny/girly blog. with ootd's and random pics, and ramblings done by me! :D

So, i feel like if a good amount of my followers on here with blogs checked it out i could reach my goal! I'll even do a promo or follow or whatever if you follow me!



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