#imagine your best friend Taylor Henderson made it all the way to the finals of X Factor Australia. "Good luck!" You say giving him a quick hug. "Thanks. I need it!" Taylor says in your hair. "No matter what happens I will be right there in the crowd to support you." You tell him once he releases you. "I'm a bit nervous." Taylor states "And you have all right too! But don't let it effect your performance." You reply. "I love you." He says going in for another hug. "Love you more. Now go out and show Australia how amazing you are!" Taylor then walks up the steps to go backstage and you make your way to your seats in the crowd. "Give it up for Taylor Henderson!" The announcers voice booms through the microphone. Taylor stands there with a microphone right in front of him. The song then starts to play.
"Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck
Some night I call it a draw."
'Come on Taylor, you can do this.' You think to yourself. After his first performance the crowd went wild. "GO TAYLOR!!" You try to yell over the screaming fans but they were too loud. This was just the start of Taylor's special night.

If you guys have no idea who Taylor Henderson is, he is a guy on X Factor Australia and I really want him to win. Fingers crossed he does!! Anyways if you don't know who he is click the link below and POOF! Your watching Taylor!!

☁ Stay Cloudy ☁

#taylorhenderson #xfactor #cheer #casualoutfit

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Wrote three years ago
Yeah true his single is amazing though

Wrote three years ago
It was Dami. She deserved it though :) Luckily he came 2nd!!

Wrote three years ago
if it's not taylor i think i'm going to cry

Wrote three years ago
You got that right! :)
They are going to announce the finals soon!!
@nooralovesyou @eilishrose1998



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