So I finally remembered that I left this blank. I have memory of a gold fish. It's horrible. 

Anyway, if it's ok with @alycat, I'll be taking a "break" from Addison until mid-May. @wakeupfarah had an amazing idea that I am rather happily venturing on with. It's a 30 day challenge of sorts, in which I write as Addison in hopes of (a) better understanding my character and as a result not having to make shit up on the fly and (b) curing my writer's block by forcing me to write nearly everyday for her. Hopefully once I've gotten into a rhythm or routine, I won't have to take anymore breaks. And hopefully @withacherryontop won't be too upset with me for this. 

That being said, here we go:
Addison Day 1

Introduce yourself, in great detail--Name, Age, Birthday, Physical traits, Ethnicity.

So yeah, my name is Addison Mary Gonzales. It’s alright, I guess. It was something I had to learn to love. I have always thought that my sister’s name was much better. Jordan Elaine Gonzales just sounds better, no? Oh well, the choice wasn’t mine. Addison isn’t so bad, though I usually go by Addie. It’s much cuter. 

My birthday is May 25th. I’ve always loved birthdays; the presents, the cake, the smiles, the pageantry, it makes for a really amazing day. This year I’ll be turning 25. I’m not exactly looking forward to it seeing as I officially round up towards 30. Yikes! But I’m aging pretty well so that’s something to be happy about, right? I mean, I don’t have any wrinkles just a small laugh line on my right cheek. I don’t have any aches or pains, and I can still party all night. What more could a girl ask for? 

I live on the Upper East Side in a cute--yes, that is indeed code for small--two bedroom apartment that I share with my roommate Bethany. Bethany and I met in college, and, although we were never and still are not the best of friends, our living arrangement has been working out quite well. As a junior associate at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, she is rarely ever home. Her boyfriend Nate, however, tends to be their quite often. He stays out of my space so I don’t really mind him being there. 

I define myself as pretty. Not stunning. Not gorgeous. Just pretty. I’m realistic that way. I am aware that I’m no Scarlett Johansson or Kim Kardashian. I’m just me. I have a big bushel of curly hair atop my head, which is a natural burnt copper sort of color. It’s my pride and glory. It’s what separates me from most other girls. Curly Girl Pride!! Aside from my hair, I have large eyes that betray me from time to time. See, the problem with having large anime eyes is that they tend to be easy to read. I can’t lie without people knowing. I can’t cry without it showing. I can’t be happy without glowing. [I just rhymed all of that and it makes me feel incredibly corny. Anyway…] My body is rather slim, which is owed completely to a fast metabolism and good genes. I eat like an absolute pig. The unhealthier the food is, the more I want it. Oink, oink. So beyond my hair and eyes, I have a caramel toned complexion, which comes from my rather sexy background of Dominican and Brazilian. 

My personality is where everything gets a bit tricky. Unlike most girls, I don’t see myself as a special little snowflake. I am very realistic in the fact that I am a lot like every other girl out there. I am book smart, and a bit of a know-it-all. I am prone to being obnoxious and argumentative. Can I help it that I always think I am right? I usually /am/ right. So I’m just cutting out the middle man. I am very into self-deprecating humor, which most people attribute to a slight self-esteem issue and an extreme neurosis problem. If I am sleep deprived or in a bad mood, I’m not great to be around. I can be rude, bitchy, and stubborn. I, like everyone else, have good days and bad days. I have yet to find a healthy outlet for stress, so sometimes my bad moods can last for days. The personality trait that I am most proud of is my trustworthiness. I can always be counted on to tell the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. 
My hobbies are basic and they include things like jogging, antiquing and watching baseball. Aside from that, I love to jabber people’s ears off. I care more about shopping than world problems. I love blasting the radio and having mini concerts in my beat up old car. As I said earlier, I eat like a pig. I can also cook--nothing fancy, just basic stuff. My favorite colors are pink, yellow and orange. I paint my nails those colors at least twice a week. I like drinking, partying and breaking night. 

I’m not very different, you see. 

The days that follow will probably be bunched together in twos or threes. [Ahh, the benefits of using two outfits in a set.]
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