chen man 陳曼 (collection3)

more chenman images (many feat. fan bingbing) and sets inspired by (i hope) to follow - if i missed yrs let me know! xoc

beautiful chenman sets (collection1) here:
(collection 2)

chenman ... one of China’s most celebrated fashion photographers. Born in Beijing, Chen Man honed her craft whilst studying at the city’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, where she learned the progressive, digital post-production techniques she is renowned for. Bold and experimental, Chen Man captures colour and sensuality like no-one else in the industry. Her work has revolutionised the way China and the rest of the world thinks about beauty. Her photographs although steeped in modernity are also strongly influenced by Chinese heritage and tradition, with Chen Man confessing to i-D she prefers “authenticity” to “flawlessness”. Working with the likes of Chinese Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, Chen Man has also shot for the avant-garde magazine Vision. For i-D’s The Whatever The Weather Issue, Pre-Spring 2012 Chen Man took The Year of the Dragon by storm shooting a quartet of cracking covers celebrating the diversity of beauty in China today.
bio from:
chen man website:
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Wrote one year ago
How great collection is this, so many useful images- thanks twice!

Wrote one year ago
love this collection!!!! thanks for the add!!! @core

Wrote one year ago
Awesome set!!! Thanks so much for the add! :)

Wrote one year ago
Yes that is it, thank you :)

Wrote one year ago
@sak-li i think the image you are asking about is Fan Bingbing on the cover madame, check here to be sure: :)

Wrote one year ago
do you know what model the HKMDB Daily News one is, she is 18 rows down from the top and first picture on the left wht one with the blue fan covering some of the face

Wrote one year ago
thank you again @core such a compliment to be added to this collection

Wrote one year ago
thank you @core xx

Wrote one year ago
aw thanks @catsian, of course, please do:)

Wrote one year ago
wow beautiful pics, do you mind if I use one? I know I could just grab one but thought it polite to ask as they are all lovely and new ;-)


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