Cherry Blossom


Wrote one year ago
What lovely memories! My favorite is driving through Kensington where the trees are so old they cross above the street and you are totally enshrouded in frothy pink. Lovely.

Wrote one year ago
@kateolive Thank you, love! It's so hit-or-miss--I think I went to two or three festivals as a kid (I grew up in Northern Virginia), but my family would always go the first weekend after blossoming, regardless of Festival happenings. There was one memorable year my dad came home from work on Friday and swore he'd seen a few buds opening, so we went in the next day before it got crowded; seeing so many trees bloom right before your eyes? Amazing!

Wrote one year ago
An amazingly beautiful assemblage upon an imaginative and interesting theme! It gave me fond remembrance of my days in Washington when it was possible in April to find oneself in pink clouds of blossoms. Maybe for once this year the Cherry Blossom Festival will actually occur the weekend the trees bloom!

Wrote one year ago


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