so sad right now because i've spent five hours on the internet. doing absolutely nothing -__-

ugh, this is not what i pictured my life to be. instead, i'm sluggish, living a mediocre life. not to toot my own horn but i get perfect scores on my exams and such. yet, NOBODY acknowledges it. i want to be remembered, for once. i thought being a good student would bring all of that in high school, but it turns out pretty much nobody cares. It's either I don't feel like bragging or discussing my scores in public in fear that others while start judging me and telling me to become more modest with a mix of jealousy and insecurity about themselves. well, in middle school i told my scores freely... but now i'm like shutting up about it... and pretty much i'm a nobody in high school. 

so now i'm trying to look in for some volunteer service places to commit my hours to during the weekend mornings so i won't end up sluggish like this -__-. Basically wasting my time and questioning too much about my futile existence. 

i have too many expectations from myself, my mom said. I think it's a combination of ADHD and an overactive imagination.
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Wrote 4 years ago
1) Cute outfit!
2) I feel like leaving you a long comment just because I'm avoiding writing a paper right now and I feel like sharing some of my wisdom about high school ;) lol
Hmm... I don't know in my school everyone knows who's smart in who's not. I know what you mean cause like, for example, I'm kind of a nobody too but then again, a lot of people respect me cause they know I'm smart, but like, mostly, no one really cares. Lol. Like, trust me, you don't want to be that kid who everyone thinks is obsessed with school and grades because everyone sort of assumes that about smart people, which, quite frankly, annoys the crap out of me. Like I've had to shy away from that lame stereotype myself. I mean I still am really concerned about my grades, and I still study all the time, but one thing I've learned from high school so far is, HAVE FUN. Seriously. Waste time on Poly making sets and ranting about futile things just because it's fun (obviously not if you have a ton of work, but you know what I mean ;)). Soon everything will all be about college and that's all everyone will obsess over (which I find so annoying and boring), so you don't wanna miss out on the fun part of high school!

Wrote 4 years ago
So cute! and romantic! and beautiful!

Wrote 4 years ago
so pretty

Wrote 4 years ago
school is hard, but dont be to hard with yourself. You won't be remembered for your high score, but for your personality, your spark in life! dont worry to much, i bet you'll be whatever you want to, if you can imagine it, you'll get it :D



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