Hey guys happy Thursday! I wrote out a whole description and it didnt save ugh. Furthers my point that today has been rough on me. I had a test at 12 pm and it was easy but then I went to an internship fair and NONE of the internships were accepting people from my major ugh. I wish i knew that before i wore professional clothes and heels... Heels are so uncomfortable. I already have blisters ( its only 1:30 pm ) and my last class ends at 8:50pm... 

Anyways ive got a quiz at 3pm so i have to study for that. Its anatomy so a lot of memorization... fun ( i say sarcastically ). 

Ill be posting a new video on YouTube tomorrow 3pm EST so keep your eyes peeled for that!! Go leave a like and comment on any of my vids and i will be so happy. 

I got really great reception for my channel trailer i posted tuesday. So many lovely comments and a lot of likes <3 that made me so happy tbh 

I havent really been keeping up with nyfw because i have 3 tests this week and a quiz so... But i looked up brands on the nyfw website and found this one! Whats your fave brand from nyfw so far? @polyvore-editorial @polyvore 

Sorry for writing so much!! 

If you read this far comment "stay happy lexi" & hows your day so far? Or whats your fave brand so far from nyfw?

#laceup #NYFW 


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