Juliet McCormick

Full Name: Juliet Rose McCormick
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Clique Preference 1: A-Listers
*Why?: I feel like I have what it takes, and i'll make sure to be extra active now that i'm only roleplaying in one other club, so i'll have more time on my hands c:
Clique Preference 2: Sweeties
Why?: It was my second choice Cx
Alpha?: Either or
*Why?: Though i'm an active roleplayer, I don't think I would be enough of a full leader to play the part of an Alpha. I would certainly make my way up to it, though. ^-^

Looks: Below C:
*Personality: Sweet, Bubbly, Cute, Graceful, Athletic, Smart, Flexible, Bookworm-ish
*Strengths: Reading, writing, painting, drawing.
*Weaknesses: Math, being under pressure, projects, being alone.
Short Bio: Born and raised in the city of Dallas, Texas, Juliet was having some trouble due to bullying from her school. Her brothers, mother and father decided it would be best to move somewhere else and continue her learning ability.
*Secret: Juliet cracks. Easily. One small thing that might upset her leads to thinking that her life is going to be torn to shreads. Although, it won't be.
Future Aspiritions: To build up on her literary, vocabulary, and descriptive skills. Later on, she would love to use those three to combine them and work as an editor for a paper, or become a book writer.
Goals for Junior Year: To start and end the year with greats friends, good grades, and a happy life to be excited about going into senior year.
Plans for Character Development (PLOT & DRAMA AS WELL): My plans for Juliet's year was to go kind of downhill at first; No friends, not being included into anything. But then she would make her way up to the top of her game [:
Other: I think that basically sums it up.

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Wrote 4 years ago
Ugh. Bleh. Then my new model for Juliet is Cassadee Pope.

Wrote 4 years ago
emma watson is already taken!
I'm so sorry, please re-pick.

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