Name: Francesca "Nurse" Heywood
Age: 15
Power: healing and animation, plus power sensing to a certain extent
Bio: She was a stillborn baby who miraculously recovered within the hour. When she was growing up in her small home in Ashland, Oregon, her single mother thought she simply had an overactive imagination, as she'd spend hours with her dolls down in the vegetable patch, however she began to worry when Chessie didn't grow out of this stage, insisting that her dolls were helping her do the gardening. Chessie was taken to a psychologist who transferred her to a posthuman specialist, who quickly diagnosed Chessie as having the power of animation. Her mother, terrified of her mutant child, took her to New York and abandoned her at Professor Xavier's infamous centre for posthumans, aged seven. Professor X looked after Chessie and he realised that she had strong healing powers, making her an excellent nurse for the Institute, and she has begun to excel in power sensing, making her an invaluable addition to the school.
Likes: fruit, calm days, being treated like a normal person, Professor X, helping people
Dislikes: the mutant war, being treated differently, her mother, fear, small spaces
Model: Freya Mavor
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