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    An old book (stock photo by mzacha) on the largest free stock photo site on the web - download stock photos or share your own work
  • Chronicle Books Little Book of Love
    Filled with inspirational quotes, practical exercises and advice, this book celebrates commitment and bonds while guiding you through the many forms that love can take.
  • Decomposition Book | Topographical Map With Grid Pages
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  • Haynes Explains Marriage Book
    A light hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, these new Haynes guides contain everything you'd expect to see including exploded views, flow charts, fault diagnosis and the odd wiring diagram. They take the reader through all stages of baby ownership, married life, vintage models and the erratic teenage years, giving all the hints and tips required to keep them running smoothly.
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    • Newspaper - Free images - Royalty free photos - FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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  • Resources JamieDoyle(dot)com
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  • Design & Fashion Books - Set of 5
    A total of five design/photography books for your reading pleasure! These stylish books put great classic and contemporary design within everyone's grasp. They have an irresistible small format packed with images and useful information At long last, here's the perfect introduction to the influential designers who changed the face of contemporary design. Overall condition is really good, a couple have some bends. 1- ABCs of Design Hardcover ABC of Design is a charming book containing a clever play on the alphabet. Featuring drawings of chairs and tables by international designers such as Eileen Gray, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Otto Wagner, Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen, and others, ABC of Design slyly uncovers the first letter of each of their names within the piece they designed. Each chair or table is handsomely rendered and accompanied by a brief and informative text about its designer. Simple yet sophisticated, ABC of Design provides an offbeat introduction to some of the world's most important designers and architects. 2- Cindy Sherman Here's a series of quick, savvy, entertaining books on artists and pop culture at a popular price. It's for readers who want easy access to information and who are turned off by art-world jargon.With cutting-edge tone and text, these innovative, richly illustrated, compact books (6" x 6" gift size) are targeted at busy people who've heard of these much-discussed artists - and who know that many people, for some reason, think these artists are important - but honestly don't get what the big fuss is all about. 3- Big Hair A hair-raising journey through the era when big was king. In the beginning, there was the hair. And some of the hair was bad, but it was small. As men and women everywhere worked to improve and increase their lot, however, they stumbled onto some of humankind's most miraculous innovations: spray, gel, mousse, crimping irons, and of course, the perm. With these new tools, people everywhere suddenly found themselves able to coax their lank, lifeless tresses toward glorious new heights. The age of big hair had begun. Now, the greatest of these bouffants, afros, rakes, beehives, and Flock-of-Seagulls have been plucked from their spots in hairdressers' windows and given the respect they so clearly demand. Bigger and badder than you ever dreamed possible, Big Hair goes out to all those people of yesteryear who were unafraid to think BIG. 4- The Chair: An Appreciation (Design Icons) Hardcover In a light-hearted look at how 20th century designers have transformed this everyday item into an object of desire, Colombo discusses how shape, size, colour and materials are used in chair design, and asks whether there is an ultimate chair. (inscription on inside) 5- The Kettle: An Appreciation (Design Icons) In a light-hearted look at how 20th century designers have transformed this everyday item into an object of desire, Woodham discusses how shape, size, colour and materials are used in kettle design, and asks whether there is an ultimate kettle.
    • Out of the Box, Summerland All Fruit Box
    • Keith Brymer Jones "Depressed" Bucket Mug
    • Opera Opera Opticians Limited - John Lennon Glasses
    • ABIGAIL AHERN Framingham bouquet
  • D Is For Design Board Book
    Mudpuppy's D is For Design Board Book teaches kids that everything from the hat on your head to the chair you're sitting in has been thoughtfully designed. Learn your ABC's as well as explore the archives of the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum with 34
  • 100 Years of Fashion Illustration (PB)
    By Cally Blackman. A visual feast of 400 dazzling images, this is a comprehensive survey of the genre over the last century. The book also offers an overview of the development of fashion, as seen through the eyes of the greatest illustrators of the day. Early in the century fashion illustration reflected new, liberating currents in art and culture, such as the exoticism of the Ballets Russes, while the postwar period saw inspiration from the great Parisian couturiers. After the dominance of the celebrity fashion photographer in the '60s, a new generation of illustrators emerged, embracing the medium of the computer, while many returned to more traditional techniques.
  • 16 Quotes About Sisters That Celebrate Debbie Macomber's New Book
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    To celebrate the sisters in Debbie Macomber's new book, we collected a series of quotes about the relationships between sisters.
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  • Loughborough Books Antique and Second Hand
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    Loughborough Books - Antique and Second Hand. Information and details of Books - Antique and Second Hand in the Leicestershire town of Loughborough
    • 1970's Saporiti Chair
    • Preowned Rhinestone Chandelier Choker, Circa 1970s
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  • Writing In Books, Steve Leveen - Levenger
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  • Artist of the Day Nate Wragg
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    Nate Wragg works as an art director and illustrator for animation and book projects, and teaches courses about character design.
  • Rita Moreno tells all about her ‘near-fatal’ affair with Marlon Brando in memoir
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    Moreno falling for Brando on the set of “Désirée.”His still from their film “The Night of the Following Day.” (AP) ( )She was fiery and formidable on screen, but off screen, and in the arms of her lover Marlon Brando, Oscar-winning actress Rita Moreno, best known for her role as Anita in “West Side Story,” was reduced to a withering, suicidal mess. Her obsessive love for the Method actor “almost proved fatal.” During their eight-year affair, she endured chronic philandering, emotional abuse, a botched abortion — and that’s only the beginning. “I remember how he spoke to me, how he played the drums, how he made love. .. and how I almost died from loving him,” Moreno, now 81, writes in her new memoir, “Rita Moreno.” Although Moreno’s life story is fascinating on its own — she’s one of the only people, not to mention the first Hispanic, to receive an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony — a sizable chunk of the book, about one-third, is devoted to her torrid love affair with Brando. “We were locked in the ultimate folie à deux, a crazy love that lasted for years, until one day I quite literally was forced out of a coma and had to choose life over him,” she writes. Ruby Dolores Alverio arrived in The Bronx from Puerto Rico as a 5-year-old. She started taking dance lessons a year later and by 16 was discovered by a talent scout, who recommended her to famed producer Louis B. Mayer. Mayer took one look at the teen — who had painted herself up to look like Elizabeth Taylor — and in a matter of seconds said, “Sign her!” The second order of business was getting a Hollywood-friendly name. She was calling herself Rosita Moreno, using her stepfather’s last name, when she met with powerful casting agent Bill Grady, who tried some options out. “Ruby Fontino? Marcy Miranda?” The names got progressively worse. “Orchid Montenegro!” Then he stopped himself. “I got it! How about Rita, after Rita Hayworth?” Her voluptuous beauty caught the eye of many older men, including one “very handsome redheaded gentleman” at a hotel opening who was sitting next to a regal companion. “His hairline moved back an inch, as when a predatory animal spots his prey and paralyzes it with ‘that look.’ It was obviously lust at first sight, and I remember thinking, ‘Whooo, this guy don’t waste no time!’ ” she writes. “I have no doubt that this man would have sent someone over to my table to escort me upstairs. Weeks later, she sees her admirer in Life magazine — the young senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy, with his wife, Jackie. Then, in 1954, in a makeup room on the set of Brando’s “Désirée,” in which he played Napoleon, a 22-year-old Moreno met the man who would rock her world. “Just meeting him that first day sent my body temperature skyrocketing as though I had been dropped into a very hot bath, and I went into a full-body blush,” she writes of meeting the 30-year-old icon-to-be. “It was the sort of rush that inspires poetry and songs.” The sex was earth-shattering. “To say that he was a great lover — sensual, generous, delightfully inventive — would be gravely understating what he did not only to my body, but for my soul. Every aspect of being with Marlon was thrilling, because he was more engaged in the world than anyone else I’d ever known,” she writes. But it wasn’t all roses. He seemed to have a darkness, a deep well of need, stemming from his childhood with an alcoholic mother. Possibly as an outgrowth of this, he had “insatiable sexual needs,” which he unabashedly pursued with droves of other women. “He broke my heart and came close to crushing my very spirit with his physical infidelities and, worse, with his emotional betrayals,” she writes. During their relationship, he married twice and fathered children with his wives. But “I couldn’t stay away. In fact, I was becoming addicted to the challenge of winning him over and over again,” Moreno says. Often the way to win him over was to date other men. Moreno took up with a disappointing Dennis Hopper, then with “a human missile. .. Elvis.” “I knew no one could possibly make Marlon Brando more jealous,
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    • Echoine Women's High Waist Loose Fit Solid Straight Leg Jeans Boyfriend
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