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Miss Spears- Britney spears [Complicated]
Mr. Franco- James Franco [Taken]

Serena Van der Woodsen [Single]
Justin Davis [Taken]
Megan Fox- Megan Fox [Single...if we restart this might take her out besides if Andi joins I can't play her favorite model but I will have to add a tyler posey]
October Davis [One of my favorite characters ever TAKEN!]
Belle Meester- Jessica Lowndes [Single]
Aphrodite...forgot the last name- Rosie [Single]
Fred and George- James and Oliver [Complicated they both love the same girl]
Jeremy Wink- William Mosealey [Single] 
Amy Roberts- Candice Swanepoel [Single]
Duke Alison- Channing Tatum [complicated]
Brandon Lewis- Logan lerman [Taken....or well he doesn't know his girlfriend was seeing someone else] 
Aurora Wink- Dianna Agron [Single]
Ethan Van Der Woodsen [Taken!!!!]
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