Emily had first been Abel's preschool teacher then she became the girl friend of Chibs, Sons of Anarchy's Sargent-At-Arms, it hadn't been easy getting her to agree to go on the first date with the biker.

It had taken many flirts, him offering Jax and Tara that he'd pick up Abel from preschool along with some pleading. When she had agreed she had admitted the only reason she didn't want to go on a date with him had been that he never been on a motorcycle before, she was scared. He left out a breath he had been holding he thought maybe it was his age that had been holding her back.

Tonight he was taking her to see Fall Out Boy play in Oakland, he wasn't familiar with the band, but Juice had said it was one of Emily's favorite bands that was making a comeback. So he was going to surprise her with tickets.

Walking out of their bedroom in their apartment across the street from Teller-Morrow, Emily plopped herself in Chib's lap making him smile at her beautiful face as she leaned in kissing him roughly on the lips.

After she pulled away she showed the tickets she had found by pure accident a huge smile was on her face. 

"Filip, you have no idea how happy I am, they were on the floor with your wallet and I picked them up, you are the best boyfriend ever." Chibs felt some sense of pride, this date might be amazing if it was going to make Emily this happy.
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