Name: Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Hart
Age: 21
Employment: student at University of Chicago, part time waitressing job at Mellow Yellow
Resides: Hyde Park
Bio: A San Francisco native at heart, Jaz grew up in the city of lights. It wasn’t until eighth grade year that her parents broke the news to her that they were going to Chicago. Jaz was devastated after hearing it, and let’s just say she threw a ton of fits as she packed up her life in San Francisco. During the summer after the graduation, they packed up their bags and shipped themselves to Chicago. It was a tough summer for her, but after starting high school, things became a lot easier. She settled into a routine, developing herself into who she really is. To her core, Jasmine Hart is a honest, fun-loving girl that only wants to have a good time. Jaz hates being serious, but when it comes to school, she can’t help but be so. With the help from Teddy, she still manages to have a fun time, while enjoying her relationship with Logan. Too bad he’s off messing around; oh when will she find out his deep dark secrets and how will she handle them?
Love life: in a relationship with Logan Parker
Likes: traveling, vintage cameras, sunsets/sunrises, the windy city, presents, La Pieta, Rome, San Francisco, pancakes, dream-catchers, tulips, food, etc
Model: Felicia Akerström {blogger-}

Name: Theodore O’Connor
Age: 23
Employment: bartender at Woodlawn Tap
Resides: Hyde Park
Bio: Teddy, as Jaz has called him since her freshman year of high school, has always been the best friend. Every girl he has ever met has pegged him as the best friend. Some even say he’s even gay, but he’s actually straighter than a ruler. He’s been Jaz’s best for almost eight years, even attending University of Chicago with her. He’s just way to lovable and makes friends with everyone. Teddy may have been two years older than Jaz when she arrived, but that mattered nothing to either of them. Their friendship has no boundaries; that’s not even a word in their vocabulary.
Model: Hunter Parrish/the guy from Felicia’s pictures

Name: Logan Parker
Age: 24
Employment: modeling agent
Resides: Hyde Park, but also has an apartment in West Ridge
Bio: Logan and Jaz had no idea who each other was during high school. He was a senior when she was a freshman, but word got around about her. Logan may have never talked directly to her, but he talked about her. It wasn’t until she hit college and he was in his senior year when they officially met. They hit it off instantly, and had some on and off so called ‘dates’ lasting two years. It wasn’t until her junior year when they really started to get serious, but as they were getting more serious, he was laying horizontal with one of his models. Oh well, once a bad boy always a bad boy.
Model: Zac Efron

more about her collection:
the collection inspired by people like @wakeupfarah, @withlove-kirsten etc

If you want a happy ending, it depends on where you stop the story—Orson Welles, quoted on White Collar

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