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@wakeupfarah - hope this is okay, i tried to make a guy set but it's official - I suck at playing guys and writing stories for them so i went for the fail safe girl option, it gives me an excuse to use rita too!

age: twenty three
style: skinny jeans, casual tops, maxi skirts, bralets, chunky heels, peter pan collars.
hometown: Chicago, Illinois
bio: How this girl ever became a resident in one of the finest hospitals in Illinois is one of Chicago’s and life’s, unanswered questions. A Chicago native, Belinda Rogers is a whirlwind, to say the least. A complete and utter tomboy, this girl was more likely to be seen at the soccer pitch then the salon, playing rough with the boys while the girls made their nails all pretty. Always everywhere and nowhere to be find, no one could ever keep up with her during her high school days and to everyone, it was a miracle she even managed to graduate and get to college. Not that she planned to go to college, she was just bored and thought ‘why not?’. Now she is a resident at Northwestern Memorial and training to be a doctor, much to the guys’ surprise seeing as she lacks any sort of bedside manner and has a habit of saying what she thinks, without thinking about it first. One of the guys, Billie has a tendency to swear too much, drink too much, flirt too much and get herself into bar fights quite a lot. But she fits right into the group, with her smart ass remarks and the ability to laugh at herself and to take male banter without getting all stroppy like most girls do. This tomboyish girl is the perfect complement to the guys’ wild ways seeing as she joins right in with them and for this and countless other reasons, the guys have her back no matter what situation arises.
occupation: resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
music: alanis morissette, oasis, red hot chilli peppers, phil collins, (early) madonna
likes: her friends, Friday nights, hot guys taking an interest, beer, soccer, staying in bed till late afternoon.
dislikes: cats, feet, bad films, cheesy jokes, people she can’t work out, Monday mornings.
looks: Rita Ora
status: flirting her way around Chicago


 Sighing, I ripped my scrubs off and threw them into the bin before rooting through my locker for my spare clothes. 
 “What the was that?” I turned to see my fellow resident, Carter Hill glaring at me, red faced. I ignored him, pulling on my jeans and zipping them up.
 “That was me saving your ass in there! If Montgomery had seen that, you would be out on your ass. You should be thanking me.” I heard him growl and within seconds he had me against the lockers.
 “You showed me up.” I rolled my eyes.
 “I should have known this was about your ego. Get over it and get the off me! Touch me again and you’ll know about it.” I pushed him away and turned to get my top out of the locker. Putting it on, I slammed the locker shut and locked it. I said nothing else to Carter, instead I shoulder barged him on the way out of the staff room and headed to reception.
 “Bye Billie.” I smiled at Abby, the receptionist, giving her a small wave before putting my headphones in and walking out of the hospital, relishing the cool air against my skin. 

I had only been walking 5 minutes when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Taking it out, I smiled when I saw it was one of the guys inviting me to the bar to watch a game. Texting back, I hurried down the streets until I reached the bar. Walking in, I gave a shout to the guys before grabbing a beer which was already waiting for me on the bar and sat down with them all.
 “Billie, how are you this fine day?” I rolled my eyes at Chad’s attempt at charming me.
 “I am stressed to but it’s nothing a few beers can’t sort out.” The guys looked at me, flashes of concern in their eyes. They were cute. “It’s nothing to worry about, just another resident giving me a hard time for saving his ass. His ego couldn’t take it.”
 “His ass? This resident is a he?” I nodded. 
 “Yeah, why?”
 “It means we can have words. What’s his name?” I rolled my eyes.
 “Guys, I’m not telling you his name. I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.”
 “Girl?” I flipped both Chad and Noah off before taking a swig of my beer.
 “Bit.ches.” They feigned hurt before turning to the screen which was showing a baseball game between the Yankees and Red Sox. We sat in a comfortable silence, the only conversation occurring whenever a player did something wrong. 
 “What the was that? I can hit a ball better than that and I’m a girl!”
 “That is debatable.” I threw a crisp at Matt before pouting.
 “I am a girl. But only in body. I don’t think I could ever be a guy, I like my boobs too much.” The guys nodded in agreement.
 “We like your boobs too. Very much.” I smiled at the all widely.
 “Thanks guys, that means a lot.” 

 And there was one of the many differences between me and other girls. I, had a sense of humour and could take a compliment, even in its crudest form. I could outtalk a guy about soccer and football and have done since I was little, this earning me the nickname “Sheryl” after Hayden Panettiere’s character in Remember the Titans and I could drink a guy under the table. It’s these things that separate me from other girls around here and why I hang around with the hottest guys in Chicago and they just look on in jealousy. I was a bad girl with the hottest friends around and had a damn good life. For the most part, anyway.

 I was just about to grab another beer when the door opened and Carter walked into the bar, with his friends. I sighed and quickly turned away but obviously not quick enough as I heard his footsteps coming towards me.
 “Well, if it isn’t little Billie Rogers. The girl who thinks she is better than everyone else.” He had clearly been drinking, the smell of alcohol on his breath repulsive. 
 “Go away, Carter. We’re outside of work so I don’t want to speak to you.” I went to walk past him but he stopped me, pressing me up against the bar. This was the second tie today he had touched me and I was getting more pissed off as the seconds went by. From the corner of my eye, I saw the guys standing up, heading my way until Carter’s friends blocked them, smirks on their faces. I sighed inwardly. This was going to end up in a bar fight. I could see it already.
 “Get the off me, Carter.” I said, my voice low and threatening. Instead of doing what I told him to do, he laughed and pressed closer against me. “Fine, have it your way.”
 He didn’t have time to react as I punched him square in the face, making his recoil away, holding his most likely broken nose gingerly.
 “!” I smirked before dodging him as he came at me, obviously not caring about hitting a girl. Managing to kick him in the shins, bringing him to his knees, I kicked him to the ground before walking away, where the other guys were enthralled in their own fights with Carter’s friends. 
 Whistling, our signal to leave a place before we got carted away in a police car, the guys dropped whoever they had in their grips and we left the bar quickly, leaving a hefty amount of money on the bar to cover whatever damages we had done.

 Making it halfway down the street, I burst out laughing, making the other guys shake their heads and laugh too.
 “Why do these things always happen to you, Bill?” I shrugged.
 “I have no idea, but you have to admit, these things are fun!” We continued down the street, passing countless bars and 2 police cars, to which we put our heads down and power walked until we were out of sight and nowhere near the bar.
 “Well, gentlemen. Thank you very much for this fine evening but I must be leaving you.” I headed towards the bus that had just pulled up. “I shall see you tomorrow.” I gave a little bow before hopping on and taking a seat. Opening the window, I heard them all outside.
 “Bye, fair maiden. Try not to get into any more fights on your way home.” I laughed before closing the window and popping my headphones back in. Giving the guys one last wave, I settled into my seat, examining my bloody knuckles and smiling.

I had to say, I loved my life completely.
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