I printed out that lovely, inspirational quote from Pinterest a long time ago. I truly admire and agree with the message, but until very recently, I forgot just how difficult it is to actually LIVE by those words! My son is 26 - I am at the stage where I get to sit back and ENJOY all the "fruits of my labor" (so to speak) and marvel at the wonderful young man he's become. My 15 year old nephew has been visiting for the past 10 days and, even though he's a really good kid, I am finding myself completely out-of-practice!! LOL! I am exhausted, (both physically and mentally) my clients, my pets and my hubby are all badly neglected, my house is a mess and we are eating too many of our meals at restaurants! LOL! I'm known for all my baked goodies, but I actually bought my husband's birthday cake from a grocery store! My son works nearby, so he comes over nearly every day for lunch. I treasure that one on one time with him so I usually "reward" him with a nice, home-cooked meal. He skipped lunch with me today... I wonder if it had anything to do with feeding him a sandwich and chips for 3 days last week! LOL!! Looking back, I think even the sets that I've made during his visit reflect some of the cluttered chaos in my brain! So... yeah... the quote has had quite a workout! Despite it all though, I know without a doubt that there will be tears at the airport on Friday morning... and they'll be mine.
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